Track Review – Faithful²

So here we go, the first version of the new reviews. On the first glance it may look similar to the old ones, but when looking at the details there are quite a few changes 😉


  • Track: Faithful² (direct download)
  • Author: JakeOIL
  • Environment: Island
  • Mood: Sunrise
  • Length: 1 min 15 sec
  • Type: Race
  • Custom Content: Music, signs, sound (in the outro)

Faithful 2 

  • Difficulty: Reveiws - Yellow Average
  • TMX Awards: 25Award
  • Award Level: Reviews - Green Suitable

First Impression

Fairly challenging Island track with (as in any Island track) great speed! Jumps seems smooth and nice without being too hard. Great choice of custom music!


Track Design

What I love about this track is that it features the common (but still great) smooth, high-speed and adrenaline-packed jumps so often seen in Island, but still manages to keep a more “relaxed” feeling. How is this done? Well, I think it’s the combination of the custom music (while not slow, it’s not as “wild n’ crazy” as in many other tracks with custom music) and the fact that, between all the jumps, smooth drift sections exist (yes, even more – or at least better ones – than in the average Island track). You don’t only rely on taking a jump perfectly, but you also have to take various curves and slalom-like sections with extra precision and good drift.

Precision, yes. While you will need speed to get passed most of the jumps, and many of the jumps require precision, I don’t think you’re needed to be too precise with your driving overall. The drift sections add some additional space (while these too still are a bit tight) in a way I like a lot.

Overall, Faithful 2 doesn’t really add something new to the design, but it does combine the common speed-jumps with some really good and less common drifting. A killer combination!

Rating: 86%


The scenery in Faithful 2 is of the kind where stuff has been added on land, but when driving where water areas take up most of the screen, it would be nice if there was something more. Perhaps adding more background islands to fill the view would work (as there isn’t too much stuff that can be added on water).

That said, the scenery isn’t at all bad. Quite good indeed, but with lacking sections.

Rating: 75%


Intro: Nice show of the track and a cool display of the track name. I can’t help but feel that the intro wasn’t “complete” though, as it started off showing the track perfectly but then ended quite sudden.

In-game: Nice camera effect at the start. Camera changes where needed, but as an addition there’s also a white “flash” when the camera angle changes (the same kind of flash also exist at some jumps, not only when the cameraview changes). Very good!

Outro: Very nice camera angles and use of trails. Usually I complain about using trails a lot in the outro (which this track does) as trails can become “too much” and don’t always work with all camera angles. However, in Faithful 2 this is more a good thing than a bad, as most of the angles are a bit further from the vehicle. The only bad thing about the outro is that sometimes it’s “too fast”, so if you do a slower race, the car might be lost in the outro a few times.

Oh, and did I mention that the outro has an EXTREMELY cool helicopter section. The car is seen from above and some very cool effects are used to make it look like it’s being filmed from the chopper. Add to that the sounds of the engine roaring. It’s not possible to describe, you simply have to see it!

Overall a great MT work, and especially the nice details in-game and the awesome chopper effect in the outro stands out.

Rating: 89%


When talking about specific physical things, Faithful 2 doesn’t really bring anything new, but as a whole, the great combination of high speed, adrenaline and relaxation must be considered an original thing. Some of the drifiting sections are slightly unusual too, but still equally awesome.

At the same time, we’ve all seen it before.

Oh, but the chopper effect in the MT work: THAT must be original!

Rating: 79%

Fun Factor

What speaks against the fun factor of this track is the fact that full speed Island has been seen so many times before. What speaks for it, on the other hand, is that in the end there is enough new stuff to make it interesting, the scenery is good, the MT work is very good, and the overall design is smooth and entertaining – aftear all, even old styles can be incredibly fun. It’s obvious that the good guys win.

You are sure to have some great fun with this one, the question is for how long the fun will last.

Rating: 78%


A great design with a unique combination of high speed, jumps, drifting and relaxation. The scenery is good and parts of the MT work is simply amazing.

A good level of originality, the fun of the track and the generally high quality make up a very good final rating. A track well worth a go!

Final Rating: 82% StarStarStarStar (Great)


The following tag(s) were given to this track:

  • Tag - MT MediaTracker

Video by TimeBreaker.


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9 Responses to Track Review – Faithful²

  1. alcator says:

    I finally understand how the videos will be done. I’m an idiot, I thought they would be captured by videocamera in front of the screen 🙂

  2. Kopatch says:

    the video is a 100% must ! much better when you can actually see what we are talking about.

  3. micster says:

    Looking at you drive the track like that makes me want to purchase a Gamepad more so. 😛

  4. ODS says:

    In Vid looks the Track nice 🙂
    I Test and Award

  5. Jozii says:

    Micster, I have to admit TimeBreaker is driving in the video. He is also the one who made the video (which I forgot to mention, but I’ve added that to the post now).

    My best run wasn’t THAT good 😛

  6. TimeBreaker says:

    lol jozii ^^

    i have to admit, i wasnt the guy who drove there xd its just the wr on faithful 2, i suck on island, and his replay was perfect to show the flow 😀

  7. Jozii says:

    LoL 😛 I tought you did it yourself xD

  8. JakeOIL says:

    Thx a lot for the review and sorry for my late reaction 🙂

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