Announcement: Reviews Revised!

It’s officially done! The new Track Review system, talked about two days ago, is now reality. This means that from now on, track reviews will look a bit different, and hopefully be a lot more interesting to read.

But what exactly is it that will be different? Well, here are the main points:

  • Details – A lot more detailed information on the reviewed tracks have been added, including difficulty, the number of TMX awards and the level of impact each sub-rating has on the final rating.
  • Images – A lot of the details are also displayed using images, for easier readability and an overall better look of the reviews.
  • New Ratings – Ratings used to range from 1-10, but now they range from 0-100%. This simply adds more room for in-depth ratings and makes it even harder to reach the really great ratings.
  • Videos – Each reviewed track now gets a video made and displayed, giving readers the chance to see what the track really looks like.
  • Tags – More so called “tags” have been added, to help readers quickly understand what kind of track we’re talking about.
  • Definitions – Ratings, tags and some of the detailed information has been given more strict information on when to be given, so confusion doesn’t arise.
  • Monthly Highlights – Every month, a summary post of the previous month is published. This post summarizes the points of interest from the past month and gives awards to some of the best tracks.
  • And a lot more…

If all goes as planned, you’ll get to see how this works in practice tomorrow (next Track Review).

Furthermore, you might have noticed that the pages (displayed just under the banner) have been changed a bit. Here’s what has been done:

  • The old Tracks page (listing all tracks ever reviewed) is now called “Tracks I“. This page displays all reviews written using the “old” system.
  • For all the new reviews to come, using the new review system, a new page has been added: Tracks II.
  • For a complete overview on how the new review system works, a “Review Info” page has been added.
  • The Contest Page has been removed. It was never updated and according to statistics no one ever looked at it anyway.

Additionally, the FAQ will hopefully be updated very soon to include all the new stuff.

Comments on all this is welcome 😉


One Response to Announcement: Reviews Revised!

  1. micster says:

    Sounds like a lot of hard work, but would be great to see reviews using this format. 😀

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