Track Review – [PF] Spin Doctor [PF]

Written by DABH. 

Track: [PF] Spin Doctor [PF] (TMUP Download)

Author: BCS[Viper]

Type: Press Forward

Environment: Stadium

Length: 6 min 45 sec [Update, 15 Dec 2008: 12 min 8 sec]

Mood: Sunset

[PF] Spin Doctor [PF]

This track has 86 awards… wow! I’m not so sure if I’d award it, too – I’ll find out! It is a PF track, so some things have to be considered differently about the review. Hopefully it will be as fair as possible!

Track Design

YIIIIIIKEESSSSSSSSS!! I am thoroughly impressed with the insane design of this track! I had my doubts at first, but they were all wiped away after about 30 seconds. This is almost seven minutes of genius! I know how much work it takes to make a PF track, as I have made a few  – I can’t imagine how long this took to create!  Every single bit is smooth, fast, and fluid. The transitions are great – maybe only two or three slow crashes. This is an absolute crazy track – brilliant job!

Rating: 10.0 (and a WOW) +


There really isn’t too much scenery. Most of the scenery is other parts of the track, but let me tell you, with almost 7 minutes of PF, that’s a whole lot of track! I really didn’t notice any lack. This track has no need for scenery – it’s built in!

Rating: 8.0 +

Media Tracker

Intro: Nice intro, covering a fair portion of the track. There’s nothing too special about it – that all lies in the track!

Ingame: The in-game work here is spectacular. There are excellent custom cameras from start to finish. Doing all this MT work must’ve taken a huge effort – congratulations to the MT’er for amazing job!

Outro: A good outro, which follows suit with the rest of the MT. The in-game is my favorite part, but the outro has good camera effects, too.

Rating: 9.0 +


With PF tracks, there’s always something original! I really enjoyed the varying uses of jumps, loops, and crashes. A track as long as this has to keep the racer entertained (especially since it’s just PF), and Spin Doctor does the trick perfectly!

Rating: 8.5 +

Fun Factor

The Fun Factor? FUNNNNNNNNNNNNNN! I had a blast watching my car go through all the rigorous fast-paced action of the track. I would do it again and again, and would definitely recommend it to anybody! As it’s a PF track, it will obviously get boring pretty quickly, but it’s fun for what it is.

Rating: 9.0 +


This is amongst the best PF tracks I’ve ever played. The layout was superb, the flow was terrific, the stunts were awesome, and the MT was beautiful! This is ~7min of track you won’t want to miss!

Final Rating: 9.5 (perfect)



– Ratings range from 1 (bad) to 10 (perfect). 5 is average.

– The final rating of a track is not the average of all sub-ratings. For example, a track not being very original doesn’t mean it’s a bad track.

– If you want to have your own track reviewed, you can sign your track up for a fee of 500 coppers. Simply send an in-game message to “Jozii” (no quotes) with the coppers and the name of the track (which must have been uploaded at TrackMania Exchange (United) first).

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9 Responses to Track Review – [PF] Spin Doctor [PF]

  1. BCS[Viper] says:

    Thanks to the TMU BLOG for the review it has opened up many various debates in my team whether I should extend the tack and go for the record of 12 minutes for a PF track.

    The comments have all been positive, the track did take a while to make and I had to endeaver long nights and broken keyboards in the fight to make this awesome track.

    Build time: 7 weeks at 1-3 hours a day.
    Coppers: Originally 11,250 then removed supports and down to 9350 – WOW!
    MT work by BCS[Fluffski]: 3 weeks to put it all together.
    Intro: Build time 12 Hours and made by BCS[Alex-GB]

    A big thank you to BCS and the TM-X community in awarding this track and special thanks to jozii and the TMU BLOG for taking the time and effort to show it off.

  2. alcator says:

    It’s perhaps a bit pitty that after the trackmaker built the track by himself, other people got involved working on the MT etc.; because that sort of transforms it into a community track…

  3. Jozii says:

    I don’t think that’ a bad thing. Builders co-working is great 😀

  4. rycardoo says:

    Well. nice track.Nice camaras and fun:Good work.BSC [Viper}Award you.

  5. DABH says:

    What track has the record 12 minutes of PF?

  6. BCS[Santino] says:

    [PF] Spin Doctor is now 12 Minutes and 31 Seconds.

  7. DABH says:

    Nice… wonder if that’s the record now? Nice job either way… 12.5 minutes is a LONG time for PF 🙂

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