TMU Blog Forum Discussion: New Review System

I’ve lately been putting a lot of work into a new style for the track reviews, and finally I’m starting to have a decent outline. There’s a lot of new and interesting stuff for the concept of Track Reviews, and this will, hopefully, bring more attention to the reviewed tracks and make the reviews more interesting to read.

While nothing is final yet (a full announcement will be made in a few days, if all goes as planned – but even then things may still change), I’ve started a topic at the TMU Blog Forum where you can read the basics of how things might look in the future. I’d like you to comment as much as possible, provide feedback, ask questions and come up with ideas.

Check it out here!



2 Responses to TMU Blog Forum Discussion: New Review System

  1. BCS[Viper] says:

    We have just moved over to an Invisison Powerboard for the Forums on BCS and its really fantastic. I have used Invision B4 for several years when playing Starcraft! If you ever need some help with skins and mastering it.. Let me know.

  2. Jozii says:

    I’m also quite used to Invisionfree and know its featres and how to execute them, but the problem is the interet in doing nything about it 😛 The forum hasn’t been my main concern, but it’s good having it for several reasons 😉

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