Signs of TrackMania overdose

Written by Alcator. 

Nine signs hinting that you have played too much TrackMania:

  1. Whenever you get into a complicated traffic situation while driving, you try to press the key 7 on your radio tuner in hopes of getting an orbital cam view of possible escape routes.
  2. You set the Alpine car’s horn as the “Windows Startup” sound.
  3. When your coleague tells you his computer crashed, you automatically respond with “well, respawn it!” instead of “well, restart it!”
  4. When your girlfriend asks you for a romantic date, you ask her whether it should be at the night or sunset mood.
  5. You play the TM soundtrack while commuting to work or school.
  6. You respond to unexpected turns on the road with “What a bad layout!”
  7. When your colleagues ask you if you saw “The Island”, you think they are referring to some racing circuit.
  8. You believe that there are curved roofs on tall temple-like structures in Switzerland.
  9. When you get lost while driving, you try to go backwards to get a GPS…

Do you have any additional signs of TrackMania overose? Let us her them in the comments below!


5 Responses to Signs of TrackMania overdose

  1. Ditra says:

    ahahahah the numeber 9 LOOOOOOOOOOL

    I add :

    When the car stop for empty you try to found Enter key XD

  2. ruiner9 says:

    You accidentally rear-end several cars, thinking you can drive right through them….

    You step on the grass and brake at the same time in an attempt to do donuts after driving the same road a few times….

    and last but not least…

    You legally have your first name changed to include the acronym of whichever team you’ve joined! 🙂

    Nice post Alcator, see you on the tracks!

  3. Ploppy says:

    When you try and get up enough speed before jumping in swimming pool so you can bounce across it.

  4. micster says:

    Number 9 is the best, think of all the accidents caused by it. 😛

  5. Fluffski says:

    1. when you drive home, pull up and wait for the replay.

    2. when your cd player is too loud in your car so you point to the top right corner of your windscreen to turn it down.
    🙂 🙂

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