Article – How to be a well known author at TMX

5th place in the TMU Writing Contest. Written by T_Z_.

This is something that lots of noobs/newbs complain about, that they don’t get many awards and that people don’t try their tracks. I was like them too ^_^

First, if you want to receive awards, your tracks have to be good, that’s obvious, and second, you have to spam spam spam and spam, specially to the moderators since they’re very kind! Ok, ok, I was joking 😛 but may someone try that please?

Now seriously, don’t spam, people don’t like it and they will probably tell the moderators. Most people, like me, wake up, go to the computer and check the latest tracks uploaded to see and test tracks. I rarely test tracks without a screenshot, so if you don’t upload a screenshot, don’t expect awards by me. I also give priority to names of people I’ve seen on forums and trackpages so here’s another important thing to do: post on forums, give your opinions and participate in nice activities that you like and test and award or comment on other authors tracks, this way you may get some attention.

Be smart. Don’t upload tracks that you don’t like very much, work a lot on your tracks. Most famous authors you know like Smok3y and Andree, they take weeks and sometimes months to build a track and they are always very good. And also, if you upload 3 to 4 tracks at a time people will see you as a noob and automatically know your tracks suck.

Be friendly. When you see a topic in a forum and there’s a post of a guy who has a totally different opinion than you, respect him, don’t say he is stupid or something like that, say that you disagree him with a soft attitude, this way you’ll be less hated.

Make cool screenshots with photoshop or a cool program like that, people may not try your track if it has a cheesy print screen showing the interface. You can remove the interface by pressing * if you didn’t know. If you don’t have tools to make a cool screenshot or you don’t know how to, ask someone to help you, always with a friendly attitude and whenever they need your help, help them if you can.

You also must be a good driver so people that play your tracks don’t overjump or crash in fullspeed tracks. Calculate everything very well. Make tracks playable for worse drivers too, make alternative and easier ways or make it so you can restart from all checkpoints. And if you are a very good driver try to raise your LB points and when you upload a track, also upload a time to raise the LB rating in it since that may attract people.

I am the living proof that this works!

My tracks in TMN:

My tracks in TMU:

Hope this helps 😉


5 Responses to Article – How to be a well known author at TMX

  1. alcator says:

    first link doesn’t work.

  2. alcator says:

    cool article

  3. rycardoo says:

    humm…Very good article.Congratulations T_Z_

  4. T_Z_ says:

    thx 🙂

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