Track Review – MiniMania 1

Written by T_Z_.

Track: MiniMania 1 (direct download)

Author: HeaH

Type: Race

Environment: Rally

Length: 15 sec

Mood: Day

MiniMania 1

First Impression

It’s a short track and it looks fun.

Track Design

Weird or cool? You decide for yourself. I go for the latter. The twist: well, the checkpoints are kind of next to the actual road. The result: a bouncy, quite strange off-road track.

On the first run or two, you’re sure to be surprised and confused, but don’t worry. The track is short, and thus your confusion will be short-lived. Within two minutes you’ll be bouncing around like you’ve never done anything else. The challenge: reach the finish without bouncing off course.

Should be quite fun online and great for WR hunts.

Rating: 8.5 +


Scenery? What scenery? Oh you mean those trees and that house! Ok 🙂

Rating: 3.0 +


Intro: It lasts like 3 seconds, it’s kinda cool, but still… nice flashes.

Ingame: Nothing.

Outro: Nothing.

The rating is low because there’s no Outro.

Rating: 4.0 +


Hehe, this track wins a few points here. I’ve never seen such a track. This one is a stunt track where you bounce everywhere and try to get a smooth landing in order to win some time, pretty cool I say.

Rating: 10.0 +

Fun Factor

More points here, this is a track that is very fun to master but takes a lot of time, so I’m sure this one would entertain you for hours since there’s a great author time too. The fun lives on online as well.

Rating: 10.0 +


It’s a nice mini that lacks in MT and scenery, but that’s not important on a funtrack like this one, so…

Final Rating: 8.0 (very good) ++++



– Ratings range from 1 (bad) to 10 (perfect). 5 is average.

– The final rating of a track is not the average of all sub-ratings. For example, a track not being very original doesn’t mean it’s a bad track.

You can NOT request track reviews at the time being. Review requests are accepted again in August.

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One Response to Track Review – MiniMania 1

  1. Heah says:

    Wee 🙂 Thanks for the review T_Z 🙂 10 Originality and Fun Factor 😮 That’s great! 😀 I’m happy with the rating… 🙂

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