Holiday Season

Reader ratings have dropped. Due to the holiday season, I guess 😉

But that’s not why I write this post. No, as some of you already know, I’ll be away for almost a month now – finally, my REAL holiday can begin 😀

But of course, I won’t forget the blog. For the entire time that I’m away, posts will appear, with the occational “empty” day (some days will not have a post, but most will). A lot of these planned posts are thanks to all of you who entered the TMU Writing Contest (of which the results are to be annonced tomorrow) – so thanks a lot to all the great TM writers out there!

Additionally, to help fill those “empty spaces”, two new writers, besides Alcator and myself, have been selected for this month: DABH and Djoszee. These two will, whenever they can and want to, write articles to be posted here druing July and early August – there’s a lot of preassure on you guys 😉

And who knows, if these two perform well, they may very well continue writing for the blog even when I have returned :

Anyway, let’s have a general look at what you’ll get in July (and eraly August):

  • The results of the Writing Contest, including the actual articles.
  • Weekly articles written by Alcator as well as the two above mentioned additional authors.
  • Track Reviews – although requests are no longer accepted, there’s still a few already requested reviews that will appear every now and then. 

Now, you guys are lucky, ’cause a great majority of all posts to appear are longer articles – meaningful, helpful, funny or just interesting. In other words, July will be packed with extra stuff for you guys to digg in to 😉

But everything isn’t just pure joy around here. Here’s a few things you should keep in mind during the time that I’m away:

  • The blog continues as usual, but the occational day may still be post-less.
  • The amount of “empty” days largely depends on the three other authors, besides myself.
  • I will return during the first week of August. This means that at that time, things will return to normal (one post/day and, perhaps unfortunately, less longer articles).
  • When away, I won’t be able to answer in-game messages or my e-mail. These will be answered when I get back.
  • To avoid a long que of review requests when I return, these are not accepted until further notice. YOU CAN NOT REQUEST ANY TRACK REVIEWS – you’ll be informed when you can again 😉

I think that covers it. Hopefully and probably, you won’t even notice me being gone, but with this post I have at least said it.

Have a nice continued summer 😀


4 Responses to Holiday Season

  1. TimeBreaker says:

    have nice holidays, jozii 😉

  2. T_Z_ says:

    Yeah, nice holidays Jozii, good luck 🙂

  3. rycardoo says:

    Have nice holidays jozii…

  4. JumperJack says:

    have a nice holiday, jozii!! 😉

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