Track Review – A Joyride Outside

Written by Quick.

Track: A joyride outside (direct download)

Author: Aaerox (TMX)

Type: Race

Environment: Stadium

Length: 0:45.78 min (author time)

Mood: Day

A joyride outside

First Impression

At first glance it looked like a challenging track, an impression which persisted a while. First that was because of the difficult spiral wall at the start.

Track Design

The track has some difficult parts, but generally proves a good flow. The PF part is good, without taking your breath, but, like any PF, after many tries it becomes a burden. The spiral wall at start is tricky because it needs a precise angle of entrance to rise all way up. The half-pipe that follows is really good and accelerates the car to the platform, which is also good (i.e. has enough space to steer). It would have been easier if track would have had more than one “ground” cp (respawnable). Then there’s a big jump, where you need to be centered. The pole that follows is hard to avoid hitting, so it’s annoying. Then, there’s another difficult part: two vertical half-pipes at a 90 deg angle; it’s difficult because the usual direction sends you way to the left, but once you know what direction to follow, it’s easier. The final loops is a two-tile off-side, so be aware. The pole at finish is hard to see, but easier to avoid at future passes. After a time you see that the track is smooth, doesn’t have any “capital sin” 🙂

Rating: 8.0 +


Scenery here is a bit smothering. Not of bad choice, just a bit too much (hence the number of coppers used – 6100 ). Not recommended to claustrophobics 😀

Rating: 6.5 +

Media Tracker

The intro is not bad, just a bit too long (40 seconds); first, there’s a “windows-installation-like” part, and then cam shows.

There’s a pretty good GPS, although there was no need for that “GPS in 3, 2, 1”. That is only necessary when you put the trigger on the start block.

The rest of in-game MT is as it should be: scarce 🙂

The outro is extremely well made, in fact it took me by surprise: nice discreet color transitions, great moving cams, along with well positioned fix cams, lots of clips used and very nice angles. It covers a slow replay without problem (no dead angle cams). Really got a kick out of it!

Rating: 9.5 +


While it has certain features I haven’t seen yet (that spiral wall, the two vertical half-pipes joint exit), this track does not excel by originality. Of course, we can count the PF here. If there are customs signs, they don’t show. Also, the sign after the platform jump is too low to be seen from the platform. 

Rating: 7.0 +


Challenging track with a cute PF, difficult spiral wall, nice platform, troublesome jumps, remarkable outro and an overall very good drivability.

Final Rating: 8.0 (very good) ++++



– Ratings range from 1 (bad) to 10 (perfect). 5 is average.

– The final rating of a track is not the average of all sub-ratings. For example, a track not being very original doesn’t mean it’s a bad track.

– If you want to have your own track reviewed, you can sign your track up for a fee of 500 coppers. Simply send an in-game message to “Jozii” with the coppers and the name of the track (which must have been uploaded at the United Exchange first).

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One Response to Track Review – A Joyride Outside

  1. Aaerox says:


    I didn’t think to get such a sweet review! 😀

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