How to entartain a five-year-old

Groundbreaking TM news! 

Yesterday we (the family) had guests, a lovely couple with two kids – a five months old baby and a five year old boy. We had a great evening together, and to begin with there was no disturbance from their kids whatsoever. The baby fell asleep quite early, but the five-year-old, having first been in a car for several hours and later been forced to sit still at a table, soon began to have a lot of energy he needed to get rid of. The target: me!

The only language this little guy speaks is Finnish.

And it gets worse: the family in question comes from Finland, so obviously, the only language this little guy speaks is Finnish (which I don’t speak). So, there was nothing to do except to play along, letting him play around for a while (we didn’t say a word to each other the whole time – silent communication was the key). Then, when he finally began to calm down, I could leave him alone for a while to return to the table with the others. But he didn’t quit there. No, I just had to go with him to play various games and he had quite some interesting ideas he got me in to. Ever played Twister with a five-year-old?

Anyway, I realized I had to do something if I wanted to get to be with the others. His parents tried to tell him to play by himself a few times, and he did, but he always returned for me. He had already watched the only cartoon he was interested in, so what else can kids that age like that will keep them entertained without the need of constant company? Computer games, I thought!

It took him forever to complete Stadium B1.

I checked through my shelves to see what could be suitable. As there are normally no children that young in the house there wasn’t anything too obvious, but then I thought of TrackMania. Would it be too difficult for him? Indeed it was, but that was to my advantage. It took him forever to complete Stadium B1, and whenever he actually did finish it, he had no problem hitting “retry” to play the same track again. I think I had to change track for him only twice (Stadium dirt was what he wanted – I tried a normal Stadium track, but he refused to play it), and still he managed to spend two hours on those tracks.

So, if you’re ever in need of entertaining a five-year-old, make sure you try TrackMania. Trust me, it’s worth it!


10 Responses to How to entartain a five-year-old

  1. XTMarkus says:

    lol i`ll remind it^^

  2. JumperJack says:

    haha lol – i’ve got the same experience already – but he spoke the same language as i did… ^^

  3. micster says:

    Reminds me of how Kids would watch the same show over and over again. 😛

  4. T_Z_ says:

    :O that keeps happening to me, once I was playing the thing where you play with mini-soccer players (dunno how’s it called in english) and this kid with 5 or 6 was french and he kept picking up the ball and throwing it to the lake and I was the one going to pick it up since I wasn’t home and that kid was to my responsibility… the only word I knew that time was “arrété” wich is the same as stop lol

  5. alcator says:

    Gotta remember this one 🙂

  6. *speedy* says:

    nice hint 😀
    My sister has some of those machine walking around me xD
    Nice story :p

  7. Hubby says:

    lol nice vid djoszee 🙂

  8. T_Z_ says:

    lol, look at her in the end, less stupid than me xD

  9. Pocho says:

    jaja very lol one Jozii 😀

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