Five Into One Contest – Results!

A while ago a Five Into One contest was started here at the blog. Submissions were sent in, but due to the after-work (MT, screenshot, etc.), the actual track hasn’t been completed until now. Additionally, the results have been displayed at the TMU Blog Forum earlier, but nothing has been said here until now (I wanted to wait until the track was ready for release).

In case you’ve missed it or forgotten, this contest was a sort of community project. The difference from a normal community track was that everyone built at the same time, on a limited area. No one knew whether their part would be placed first, last or in the middle of the track.

Here’s a list of those participant who got selected, in the order their part was placed in the track:

  1. Sivert
  2. Scottmc
  3. Marius89
  4. Insane
  5. Kendu

Congratulations to the selected, and as promised they each receive 500 coppers 😀

Additionally, Alcator has played a big role in this. He’s the one who has done most of the hard work with the contest, judging the submissions and putting everything together. He has also done the MT work and some scenery improvements. Thank you Alcator 😀

Also, thanks to TimeBreaker for making the track screenshot and the in-game custom signs.

Bay Bay Sanity Screenshot

The actual track, the new blog community track, is called “Bay Bay Sanity” (yes, it’s a Bay track 😛 ). It can be downloaded here.

It’s a great track with some nice twists and turns. Some thought before the contest that the result would be poor, as vehicles would come at different speeds when people don’t know in advance if their part is first, last or in the middle. This is not the case however, and the track actually runs surprisingly smooth.

Anyway, congrats to the winners once again, and for the rest of you: Download and enjoy the track 😀


One Response to Five Into One Contest – Results!

  1. Sivert says:

    Had great fun building on this one and gotta say thank you for putting this great idea afloat 🙂 Awesome to see the track put together with the intro, ingame and outro. Superb work Alcator 😀

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