Track Review – Rock!ng Bananas

  • Track: Rock!ng Bananas (direct download) 
  • Author: RKO90 & Smok3y
  • Type: Race
  • Environment: Stadium
  • Length: 45 sec
  • Mood: Sunset
  • Custom content: Music (Asian Dub Foundation – Fortress Europe)

Rock!ng Bananas

First Impression

Quote from the authors:

WelCome To The BaNaNa DanCe ParTy […] A challenging map, great for WR Hunting, provided to you by two banana-guyz, RKO 90 =ITA= & smok3y“.

Then have a look at the screenshot above.

Now, if this isn’t a good (and funny) track, something is clearly wrong! I’ve got high expectations now, but let’s see if the track meets up to them…

Track Design

I have to admit, I thought this was going to be a story track or at least a track with crazy custom images and stuff. It’s not. Disappointed? Actually not.

The track is really great, with a design that gives a simple impression, yet an advanced feeling of some sort. I can’t really put words on it.

The design is a great combination of technical (although not really extremely technical) and fast driving, something really common these days in the Stadium environment. Take the start for example: Standard curves have been used, which provides some smooth driving (if you hit the correct angle), combined with slightly technical sections. This combination is also a great example of the previously mentioned “simple but advanced” feeling.

So where are the bananas? Well, it’s simply yellow inflatables. Perhaps not as fun as I first expected, but it works. It gives the track a unique touch.

Additionally, the track contains: loop, half loop, smooth jumps, platforms, great transitions and a speed breaking section. Quite the standard, but put together really nicely. What really makes this track special isn’t the deisgn though. It’s the banana theme, which, although not taken to the max, gives that unique touch.

Rating: 9.0 +


Here’s something I miss. The scenery (or lack of it) might be what provides that “simple” feeling, and sure, this way it might be better for online play (although WR hunts, not server races, might be what this track is really suitable for), but I still can’t help wanting something that’s not there.

Open landscape and more narrow platform sections is what this track has to offer when it comes to visual stuff, and sure enough, that might be sufficient, but simple things such as adding poles so that there are no “loose ends” can sometimes make a track look even better.

Rating: 8.0 +

Media Tracker

Intro: Super cool intro! As usual I have to complain about the intro not showing the track properly (this time it did, but only to some extent, and only very quickly). However, it looks so great, it hardly matters that much.

In-Game: A sort of weird “”Jump Back For Bananas” GPS (very good looking though) and cam changes where needed.

Outro: Once again, cool effects, but unfortuantaly the outro isn’t as good as the intro. The really cool effects are fewer/not as good, while they are still too many to make that really suitable outro. A “pure” outro is often better.

Rating: 8.5 +


Rocking Bananas? That has got to be original! It’s an interesting and somehow crazy (in a fun way) idea, but it could have been taken further. That might have ruined the actual track though (having custom images, for example), but it could have made for a good laugh.

Also, the overal “style” of the track is a bit original. It’s again that thing I can’t put words on.

Rating: 8.0 +

Fun Factor

As said before, this could be a good WR hunting track. That boosts the fun a lot. Also, the track itself makes it good for general entertainment (as any TM track of course should, but again there’s something special about this one).

Simply a fun piece of work, but not THAT fun (unfortunately).

Rating: 8.0 +


“Simple but advanced”. Has a sort of unique touch it’s hard to put words on. A quite common but still very smooth and interesting design, combined with great MT work. The scenery could have been more though, and the idea of “rocking bananas” could have been taken further. Still, great work!

Final Rating: 8.5 (very good) ++++



Could the authors have taken the “rocking bananas” theme further, and in that case, how?


– Ratings range from 1 (bad) to 10 (perfect). 5 is average.

– The final rating of a track is not the average of all sub-ratings. For example, a track not being very original doesn’t mean it’s a bad track.

– If you want to have your own track reviewed, you can sign your track up for a fee of 500 coppers. Simply send an in-game message to “Jozii” with the coppers and the name of the track (which must have been uploaded at the United Exchange first).

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5 Responses to Track Review – Rock!ng Bananas

  1. TimeBreaker says:

    whoa quite late review 😛
    still a good rating 🙂
    though i would put the fun factor higher, otherwise scenery and mt work little lower
    but mostly agree

    yes the banana theme couldve been taken te theme further
    well something like catching bananas in jumps
    or making bananacurves^^
    haha dont know but i think those 2 creative souls couldve thought of sth funny 😛

  2. RKO90 says:

    Thx very much for this awesome review Jozii 😀
    And wow 8.5/10 😀

  3. ODS says:

    Jozii ODS here. The Direct Download is wrong. This Link is to DD TeamTrack1(TrackReview before)


  4. Ditra says:

    I think is a track in Smokey style, so he opinion can change from people to people, but imho is really nice this track. Intro one of the best i ever seen! Smoothness, the best ever except the first loop.
    The drift, WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAAA awesome :Q_______

    In another words great job Rko and Smokey 😉

    @rko: For Ditra è a 85 award lul XD

  5. Aaerox says:

    Yeah jozii! The second time this happens with the direct download… xD

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