Foreign Fan Sites

There are plenty of interesting fan sites out there, but unfortunately many are in languages other than English. So let’s help people find good fan sites in their own language! How? Simply list your favorite non-English fan sites in the comments below. Feel free to add some comments about each site, and don’t forget to mention what language it’s in 😀

For starters, here are two: It has a lot of content, and if you can understand the language I’m sure you’ll find something interesting. Language: Czech (I think). The Italian blog you’ve seen being mentioned here once or twice. You have to log in to experience it all, but there are some cool features to check out if you speak the language, besides the blog. It’s an entire website, the blog part is just a thing on the side. Language: Italian.

So, what else do you have?


8 Responses to Foreign Fan Sites

  1. CMCZeo says: : the most known TrackMania site in Poland. It’s really a forum with over 2000 registered members. We put here the topic with our tracks and other things, help each other and sometimes do some little cups. Language – Polish of course ;P

  2. montana_cz says:

    Language on is really Czech 🙂 It´s first Czech TMU fansite.

  3. alcator says:

    Just in case anyone wondered: Alcator is Czech too 🙂

  4. HeaH says: is the biggest (and the only) Danish fan site 🙂

  5. JumperJack says:

    “language: czech (i think)”

    LOL 😉

  6. ORA says:

    Just the official website frenck about TMO TMS/X TMN TMU

  7. LordMzn says:

    tnx for mentioning our blog 😉

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