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There’s so much that can be said about and done with TrackMania. There’s a vast number of things to learn and to get better at, and everyone is constantly improving their skills, whether it may be mastering the different environment vehicles, building great tracks, competing in online tournaments, leading or being a member of a team, working on community projects, or just about anything else. The world of TrackMania is not a small one, and now your expertise is needed!

The TMU Blog is now hosting a writing contest, open for all TrackMania United players, with the aim of aiding everyone in getting better at whatever they want to focus at, as well as spreading the word of TrackMania and various views on the game throughout the community. How? By giving everyone a chance to express their opinions, share their knowledge, provide information and simply get their voice heard.

The Details
So, what this is really about is that you get the chance to write an article, essay, guide or whatever you can think of. All material will then be judged (see below) based on quality of content, and five lucky winners will be selected. In addition, most pieces will be published here at the TMU Blog. It’s as simple as that!

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Write an article, essay, guide or anything else on any TrackMania related topic (United in particular or TrackMania in general).
2. Send an e-mail to with your written material attached. As the subject, write “TMU Writing Contest”, and don’t forget to state your TMU login in the e-mail.

Deadline: 10th of July, 2007


All material entered in this contest will have to go through two stages:

1. Separating the good and suited from the bad and unsuited (hopefully and probably, all will pass this stage, but you never know).
2. Selecting the top five.

Judging is made based on how well written a piece is (good English helps but is not a requirement – if needed, your piece can be revised by the host and this won’t affect the final judging) and the overall quality of content.


There are 10,000 coppers up for grabs, and these are split between the top five pieces:

1st: 5000 coppers
2nd: 2000 coppers
3rd: 1500 coppers
4th: 1000 coppers
5th: 500 coppers

Additionally, everyone passing the first stage is guaranteed to have their piece published here at the blog.

Other Rules

  • English only is accepted, although perfect English is not a requirement
  • Max two entries/person
  • If two pieces are too similar to each other, only one may get published
  • If there are less than five entries, the way the 10,000 coppers are split up may be changed
  • The length of a piece doesn’t really matter and will differ a lot depending on what kind of piece it is. A general rule is half a page to five pages max in Word

Spread the Word!

You can earn additional coppers by spreading the word of this contest. Simply copy/past the below link and place it on any TM forums or websites where you might be active. E-mail and tell where you placed the link, and be awarded with 100 coppers per different forum or website you’ve placed the link at (limited offer, so hurry up!).

Good luck 😀


18 Responses to TMU Writing Contest

  1. HeaH says:

    4th: 100 coppers
    5th: 500? 😛

  2. Jozii says:

    A zero here, another there… Should of course say 1000, not 100.


  3. TimeBreaker says:

    cool contest 😉

  4. gadget says:

    Oh no, I´m too late again.
    Deadline is 10th of june 2007. 😉

  5. TimeBreaker says:

    wtf jozii youre doin some critical spell mistakes 😀

  6. alcator says:

    Critical spell? Wait, I know THAT! It’s what you get when you become Level 9 wizard, right? “Critical Spell” – turns a dragon into a nun, or stuff like that, right? And Jozii is making mistakes in these Spells? How dares he!? Burn him! A witch!!


  7. LordMzn says:

    lol alcator! i’m sure i’ll take part at this one, great contest Jozii!

  8. Jozii says:

    My spells are usually not that bad, but I tend to use them in a sloppy way, and I suck at double checking things, so it often happens that my spells go wrong. Like, rabbit becomes rapid and Alcator becomes Alcohol. You get the picture 😉

    At least the point usually gets across, and at least I use capital letters so my spells look decent, unlike some other people 😛

    Why the hell are we talking about spells again? xD

  9. T_Z_ says:

    hmm, Alcator turns in Alcohol? That explains everything 😛

  10. alcator says:

    T_Z_: Unlikely. Got 3 saving rolls against transformation.

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