When you read this I’m propably somewhere over the Atlantic, heading for New York. And I’m never coming back! Nah, just kidding 😛 I’ll be back on Tuseday, but until then, I won’t be able to answer my e-mail or in-game messages or do anything blog related. However, you will still get some special treats during the days I’m away:

  1. First off, I’ve managed to get an interview with MadneSS, a TMN player who participated in the ESWC last year. MadneSS is also the one who wrote the Slide Guide which was linked to here at the blog a few weeks ago.
  2. Second, I’ve written an article on the TMX award system.

Both of these have been pre-posted, so they will appear during the days I’m not here. Additionally, you will also get a new Screenshot of the Week post.

Only three things? Yes. Unfortunately, a few days will be without any posts, but I’m sure you’ll manage anyway 😉 Just keep an eye out for the interview, the article and the SotW post.

I’d also like to take this opportunity and ask you all to write articles and send to me. I will be away much more and for longer periods later this summer, but I’d still want the blog to be active at least to some extent. Thus, I need material to pre-post. So, here’s what you should do:

Write an article (or several) on any topic you want (must be TM related though) and send to The articles must be in my inbox on the 10th of July (or earlier). Any help is appreciated 😀

Have a nice week!


3 Responses to Away!

  1. T_Z_ says:

    hmm, you’ll receive so many articles you won’t be able to post them 😛
    New York eh? Lucky 😉

  2. JumperJack says:

    have fun in the big apple!! 😉

  3. alcator says:

    well, people, this is an ideal opportunity to go through the Article archives and comment on articles you haven’t commented on yet. 🙂

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