United Released on Steam

Although old news already, I ran across an article today talking about the release of TrackMania United on Steam, and I though it should be mentioned here as well.

TrackMania United has been made available for download on Steam and was up until the 14th of June sold at a discount prize. “The launch of this title not only expands Steam’s collection of racing titles, but also continues in the Steam tradition of introducing innovative titles to our worldwide audience of over 13 million customers and growing,” said director of business development at Valve, Jason Holtman.

For TrackMania, this release means reaching out to a broader range of audience. With 13 million customers, Steam sure is a great platform for giving TrackMania United a sales boost.


  • How great an impact will the release of TMU on Steam have on the the game?
  • Do you prefer buying the box version in stores or download a game online (legally, of course, but possibly at a cheaper prize)?
  • Has TrackMania finally become the game it was always meant to be?

Lets have a discussion in the comments below 😀


8 Responses to United Released on Steam

  1. JumperJack says:

    well, i first used steam when i bought half life 2, a long long time ago, and i first thought that it was a kind of x-fire… 😀

    but nah, i don’t use steam, but it could be really good for tmu indeed!! 🙂

    myself, i don’t prefer to buy games in stores, neither to download them, but i prefer to order them via online stores, which is mostly much cheaper – anyway, i haven’t bought any games last year, and i don’t think i will in the future either, as long as there’s not “TM” on it… 😉

    and i think that trackmania finally became the game it was always meant to be, but not really united – i think united would’ve been much more popular when there would be a new environment included right away. i know it’s just a rumour, but i’m really convinced that there’ll come new environments for united in expansions – but like this, people ofter have seen the game after a couple of months and get less interested in it… 😉

  2. djoszee says:

    You could already know when you visit the official trackmania forum. Loads of noobs complaining about Starforce 😦 I hope this steam release will bring us more servers out of france or germany, because all active servers are resided there (just like the most players) Some more Dutch activity would be cool 🙂

  3. alcator says:

    I like buying games on-line; some of them are delivered through delivery service as “box versions” (This is the way that I got Unreal Tournament 2004), some are delivered using an unlock CODE for a shareware game (Crimsonland – amazing arcade), and some are completely on-line-downloadable (Half-Life 2, HL2Ep1, TMU). My begins concern is not price, but availability and speed of acquiring. For example, the UT2004 was unbuyable in normal stores (this year); but on-line stores got stock, so I bought it there.

    I doubt that United will get any big sales from Steam (i.e., the total number of customers will increase by 10%, I assume, which may still be enough for the publisher, but it’s not anything big); because even this version will contain Starforce en/de -cryptinc routines, and some people simply want to boycott SF. The on-line purchase version of TMU that I got in November 2006 didn’t require any CD in drive, I believe that as far as comfort is considered, Steam is even WORSE than having to insert a CD, as the need to connect to an online server for accessing a game sucks.

    TrackMania United is pretty much the game it was meant to be, with wide range of differently acting cars and different environments, multiple game styles (Stunt, Platform, Puzzle, Race), good multiplayer and cool graphics.

  4. micster says:

    I wish I could transfer my TMU to a Steam account, it would be so much more convinient!

    My Dad has a Steam account, he mainly got it because he recieved Half Life 2 free with a Radeon 9600 Graphics Card.

    Downloading games seems to be what everyone is doing these days. 🙂

    Oh yeah alcator, Valve claimed that the Steam version of TMU does not have SF, if I remember correctly.

  5. TimeBreaker says:

    tmu on steam??? 😀 i cant imagine that 😛
    really really cool
    everyone knows steam and advertising tmu is always good
    and on tsteam it will get many new friends 🙂
    otherwise i dotn use steam that often, i once played counter strike (besides tms and tmu the only game i have ever “bought” for the pc 🙂 )
    i was really disapointed of counter strike, its just amazingly boring and i really cant believe how so many people love to play it..
    of course i prefer buying the game in stores with the box if i really like the game
    games like counterstrike dont need any box, but united or sunrise were special..
    but if i have to wait for half a year until i can get the game in store, i prefer the online buy

    trackmania is tracmania. it will always be what it should be
    a game with unrealistic cars, a mega editor, a great community and the multiplayer mode, it all did work in the first tm and it got improved every time (well tmu made some little steps back..)
    otherwise if trackmania united has become what it meant to be.. i doubt it.. it shouldve united all players from tmo tms and tmn
    weell most tms and tmo users were happy that the community and their game got kinda refreshed.. but i think from nations , it was a big step back in the community

  6. T_Z_ says:

    hmm, I think TMU on Steam will bring a small bit of players but it won’t make a big difference

    I prefer buying on boxes but I didn’t want to wait so much time to get TMU

    And lol TB, Trackmania is Trackmania 😛 and CS rules 😉

  7. alcator says:

    “Oh yeah alcator, Valve claimed that the Steam version of TMU does not have SF, if I remember correctly.”

    No. This is what Valve really said:
    “The Steam version of Track Mania United does not include the copy protection drivers from Starforce”

    the key thing there is “copy protection drivers”. It won’t install any hidden drivers that would be in effect all the time. Instead, there’s a “lighter” version of Starforce that gets executed when TM is launched, and this version just decyphers the game data files so that hackers can’t easily create modified game behavior (aka Cheats).

  8. alcator says:

    From Steam forums:

    Posted by Zips:
    “Having both Steam running and including Starforce on this game is just complete and total overkill. If the game has to have Starforce, keep it to the retail version, not on a version that is distributed via Steam. That’s just asinine and will severely hurt sales.”

    My response:
    The game has to use a data encryption mechanism, because there’s a strange sort of people called hackers who for some reason love to change things to allow unfair competition. Perhaps if games like Diablo 2 HAD Starforce encryption, there wouldn’t be any MapHack or similar crap that ruins the game.

    Ask yourself, if you’d rather play a game the sales of which are hurt, or if you’d rather play a game the internal mechanics of which are hurt. Due to MapHack, I stopped playing Diablo2 online – it didn’t make any sense continuing. Stop worrying about game sales, leave that to the business folk. Worry about fairness of the game, about hacks, cheats and other exploits. What say you?

    Starforce in TMU gets launched when the game is launched and only works as decryptor of the game data files. It doesn’t touch your CD/DVD drive or anything. It also doesn’t get installed as a driver.

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