Track Review – Inner Fire

  • Track: Inner Fire (direct download) 
  • Author: Tonic_91
  • Type: Race
  • Environment: Island
  • Length: 45 sec
  • Mood: Sunset
  • Custom content: Music (Nobuo Uematsu – Those Who Fight), images (in the intro), signs

Inner Fire 

First Impression

Fast and difficult. This looks great!

Track Design

Very fast, very fun. Quite challenging, as you’re constantly going at high speed but still have to enter at the correct angle (this basically means that you have to stay centered if you want to make that next jump).

Speaking of jumps, the jumps in this track are awesome. They’re so fast and magnigicent that you’ll find them to be enough to like this track.

Additionally, there’s a lot of skidding points, as there should be in any Island track. As a lot of parts of the track require driving in specific angles, these skidding sections are the ones that will affect any time differences the most.

In short: We’ve basically seen it all before, but this time you’ll see it from a different point of view. Great design!

Rating: 9.0


Nothing special, but still very good. You’ll have seen it all before, but why change a good combination?

Rating: 8.0

Media Tracker

Intro: Way too short but very cool. Uses custom images, so you might want to reload the track at a later time to see the intro properly.

In-Game: Nothing needed, nothing used.

Outro: Probably the coolest outro I’ve ever seen! Great camera angles to make it look cool, but it’s not really that good at showing the actual race, as the cameras are either upsidedown or too close to the car. “Keep Playing” isn’t ticked either, which it should be 😛 But it’s so cool, so I can’t complain too much about that 😉

Rating: 9.0


As I’ve said already, you’ll have seen it all before, but in this track, things still look different. I don’t know if it’s the high speed (which is high even for an Island track), or perhaps the cool jumps. Or maybe the excellent choice of music (not my style, but fits the track very well). Whatever it is, it sure makes this track feel refreshing, new and original.

Rating: 8.0

Fun Factor

It’s fast, it’s good looking, it’s challenging. What more can you want?

Rating: 9.0


Great design with many cool sections. The speed and narrow roads makes it challenging, but also very fun. Looks and feels very good. Great MT work, and a perfect choice of music. Simply great!

Final Rating: 9.0 (good)



The track uses a lot of parts where you have to stay on a specific path in order not to crash. This makes the track very challenging, but in my opinion also very fun. Unfortunately, it also ruins the competitiveness of the track. What are your thoughts?


– Ratings range from 1 (bad) to 10 (perfect). 5 is average.

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4 Responses to Track Review – Inner Fire

  1. TimeBreaker says:

    first, i totally agree with the review 😀
    its an awesome track ! 😉

    i agree, always staying in the middle makes island tracks always a bit annoying to me, as its really luck for me driving in the middle :S
    but there are way harder tracks out there (speedys island track 😛 )so this is not too hard i think 😉

  2. Jozii says:

    I don’t think it’s too hard either, just challenging, which is always a good thing 😀 Personally I have nothing against that, but I also think it forces a specific line of driving and the jumps require you to maintain a high speed, so there isn’t much room for improving your time at those sections…

  3. Tonic_91 says:

    I just can’t make wide/open Island tracks any interesting, for me they always end up as some boring platform driving. I think that’s why there is a “force line” (in all my Island tracks this far) 😛
    But, thanks for the review 😀

  4. TimeBreaker says:

    forced lines are always good 😛 i got that in my tracks most of the time too^^
    those wide open tracks, especially in island are pure boredom for me, i dont see any fun drivng there, i better have some phenomenal slides in tunnels 😛

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