Question Quest #6 – Finish the Sentences

Welcome to the 6th Question Quest! I’ve always tried to be creative when making up the famous Question Quests, but this time it’s your time to be creative!

Below are 10 unfinished sentences, more or less related to TrackMania, and your job is to make them complete by coming up with funny endings for them. And note the word funny! For each sentence, the funniest answer will be considered the winning one, and in the end, the player with the most “wins” is the winner of the entire QQ. And remember, I (Jozii) am the judge, so what are you waiting for, entertain me!

1. It’s like I’ve always said, MediaTracker is…

2. TMU stands for…

3. Unbelievable! I can’t believe that guy just…

4. Dialogue:

  • Woman: Keep you eyes on the road, Bill.
  • Man: What does it look like I’m doing?
  • Woman: Mind that old lady, Bill.
  • Man: She’s on the sidewalk!
  • Woman: That car is turning left, Bill.
  • Man: #¤”%&!
  • Woman: Stop swearing, Bill.
  • Man:

5. The red car is in the lead, but the green car is closing in. This sure is an exciting race. But wait, what’s happening? Oh my, the green car…

6. Coppers are so useless! …is what a man really needs!

7. “Eat my dust, suckers!” said…

8. So Bill, you’ve won the championship three years in a row now. Can we get a quote from the winner? “…”

9. A TM vehicle in your hand is better than…

10. 3, 2, 1…

Note: Try making your sentences TM related (not a requirement though).

To participate, simply e-mail your funny solutions/answers to each of the 10 questions and the tie-breaker question to Don’t forget to state your in-game login.

All authors of the 10 selected winning submissions earn 100 coppers each per sentence they “won”. That means that if you were selected on three of the questions, you win 300 coppers, while someone else who only was selected once would win 100 coppers. Additionally, the winner of the entire QQ receives 250 coppers extra.

Deadline: Wednesday the 13th of June.

Have fun 😀


7 Responses to Question Quest #6 – Finish the Sentences

  1. TimeBreaker says:

    yay, a new qq 😀
    this one will be really hard :O

  2. alcator says:

    It won’t be difficult to participate, but it’s difficult to get anywhere near winning, as the syndrome “This remark would be funny, but I bet anyone will think so as well, so I need to find something even better” can get really paranoid…

  3. Ditra says:

    Lol idea, i sent my ideas on your email address 😉

  4. Jozii says:

    I don’t know if I wasn’t clear enough or something, but for some reason, no one answered the tie-breaker question 😛 Thus, I removed it… I’m sure everything will be fine without it 😉

  5. micster says:

    Due to my lack of humor, or at least ideas, I don’t think I’ll be participating. Can’t wait to see the results however. 😉

  6. T_Z_ says:

    Wow, this was the best QQ ever, Jozii won’t like my entry though 😀

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