Track Review – Technicians’ Off-Road

Technicians’ off-road

First Impression

Technical track with nice off-road parts. Sounds simple, but this doesn’t look simple at all…

Track Design

The design is very good, with a great technical feeling and nice off-road parts (both grass and dirt), combined with great speed, making up most of the track. Some good jumps exist as well, but no real stunts (which is not at all a bad thing).

It’s a very smooth track but which requires some skill (or many attempts) to get it just perfect. It’s not at all a difficult track as such, but be prepared to crash a few times. If it wasn’t for the fact that this track is likely to cause some lag, I would say it’s a good online track.

The crashing doesn’t only depend on the skills of the driver though. Unfortunately, a lot of the signs point just straight forward when they should be pointing to one side or the other. This, however, is due to a bug, not the author himself.

Hint: Don’t follow the signs!

Additionally, the design of the track is quite “crowded” providing a nice feeling for the track. A lot of the parts cross each other, and there’s a lot of scenery making the design look and feel so much better…

Rating: 8.5


An excellent scenery, and as just mentioned, it brings out that “crowded” feeling. A lot of catles and little details make the track look extra cool, and there’s not a single “boring” point. I like this a lot!

Rating: 9.5

Media Tracker

Intro: Short but OK. Only gives a view of the track from near the ground, so you don’t really get an overview of the entire track, but it looks good and shows at least some of the track. A bit more length and more camera angles would help to make this a better intro though.

In-Game: None.

Outro: Good outro with good camera angles. Has some isues with going through scenery though, but noting that important.

Rating: 8.0


There’s nothing truly new, but the “crowdedness” and good design is something I’d like to see more of in other tracks as well.

Rating: 5.0

Fun Factor

Fast, technical and with great off-road parts. There isn’t anything new or extremely “cool”, but the overall design and the great scenery is enough to make this track a true joy to play!

Rating: 8.5


The strength of this track is the combination of technical and speed, and the great use of off-road parts. The design is a joy both by feeling and visually, and the scenery adds a lot to the track – a sort of “crowded” feeling, in fact. There are no stunts or such, but none are really needed to make this a good track.

The MT work is good too, but not perfect, and the originality could have been better as well, but other than that, a really great track!

Final Rating: 8.5 (very good)



How would you rate this track? Express your opinions in the comments below!


– Ratings range from 1 (bad) to 10 (perfect). 5 is average.

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7 Responses to Track Review – Technicians’ Off-Road

  1. djoszee says:

    the sign thing is caused by a sign bug, i’m sure you’ve seen it on other tracks. Nadeo should fix this. Maybe you can point out that this track suffers from the sign-bug, that way it won’t look like it’s my fault 😦

    Other then that, great review! I can’t agree more. I could rate my track to a 10, but I don’t want to overrate myself 😉 And the track aint perfect, so not worth a 10. An 8.5 is a very nice grade, which I’ll stick to.

    Thanks for your review 🙂

  2. Jozii says:

    Oh, I thought it WAS your fault 😛 But I changed the text a bit 😉

    And everyone would rate their track 10, otherwise they shouldn’t even publish the track in the first place 😛

  3. djoszee says:

    maybe you can update the trackinformation on top as well.. the O are a bit misplaced 🙂
    tx for the update, let’s hear some comment from other people 🙂

  4. T_Z_ says:

    lol, the O on top looks like you were rating:

    Track: Technicians’ Off-Road

    Rating: 0

    Author: Djoszee

    Rating: 0


    Anyway, I’d rate this track 9 😉
    It’s very well made and yeah, the design is great 😉

  5. Jozii says:

    What? The “O”‘s? You mean like

    – Track
    – Author
    – Type
    – etc.

    … but with the black dots instead of “-“? In that case, I’m afraid I can’t. It got messed up in the editor, and I tried to fix it, but when I saved it it went back to being messed up again xD

  6. Buchi says:

    Hmm, I personally dont think any of my Tracks, hmm, maybe 1… are real 10 Point Tracks. I like mapping but I dont think I am the greatest. Anyway, noone is going to beat RonT in mapping skill.

    Back to me xD
    My Tracks for example will never get a 10 in MT. I dont like MT work, so it never becomes cool. Same with Scenery. If I add nice Scenery, I have 8k of coppers, which is too much in any Envi, so I delete some things and it looks poor again.

    I cant say anything about this Track, as I havent tried it yet and I dont want to try it as I took kinda Break of TM 😛

  7. TimeBreaker says:

    oh jozii and djoszee are meeting again, this time in a trackreview ^^
    hm who was who again..

    i would say, this track is worth of 9 – 9.5
    its not too original, but the scenery is outstanding and the fun factor is now- as the pipes got erased 😛 – very high for me

    but this track is looking some kinda diffeent, what i really like so i think a 9.0 could be deserved 😛

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