Track Review – The Insomnia Driver

The Insomnia Dirvier

First Impression

Speed and technical, a nice combination, but does it work in this track? Both yes and no…

Track Design

The actual track feels quite good to drive, with good sections and a nice combination of speedy and technical part, while still maintaining a decent level of smoothness. Unfortunately, if you drive the track “too good”, at times you might need to break a bit harder than what should be expected in a “perfect” track. This of course ruins the smoothness a bit. Also, especially a loop near the start, is quite dependant on a perfect speed, meaning that you’ll basically have to drive flawlessly until you’re through the loop.

In the end I was actually disappointed, because I wanted something else. “Was that all?” I thought. The overall track doesn’t really include anything interesting, and mostly it’s just “normal” racing. A few cool jumps do exist though 😉

Also, one thing that annoyed me a lot: At a few points, the camera, if you drive using the higher 3rd person view, the camera goes through other road parts crossing over the section you are at the time racing on. This is of course partly a mistake by Nadeo, but as a track author, such things should still be considered and avoided.

Overall, the design is almost flawless in the sense that what is actually there is quite good. But also, a lot is missing in the sense that the track really isn’t that interesting.

Rating: 7.0


Quite good scenery which always gives something to look at. Night tracks also open up good possibilities for the use of lights, which the author as succeeded to include in the track. Especially the well lit loop looks quite cool. However, the loop is also the “highlight” of the scenery, so there isn’t anything surprising or unusually good about the scenery either…

Rating: 8.5

Media Tracker

Intro: Very good, showing the track and using nice camera angles. Perfect length, although could have used more stylish effects to make it even better.

In-Game: Cam change in loop.

Outro: Quite good, but sometimes with a bit boring choice of camera angle. Most of the time you just see the car from above. Some more interesting stuff could have been used. However, I so often complain about too many special effects being used, and that many tracks don’t really show the race properly, and this track does, so a big plus for that!

Rating: 8.0


Not really…

Rating: 1.5

Fun Factor

To be honest, due to the fact that I get the feeling something is missing, I can’t really say I find this track to be that much fun. It’s good for the occasional race, but in the end I would probably look for a better track instead…

Rating: 5.0


Good design but with a few flaws. Additionally, it feels like a lot is missing in the design. There isn’t anything new, inventive or even that much fun in the track, and while the design isn’t bad, it hasn’t got anything truly good in it either. The scenery is very good though, and the MT work too, while still neither is anything unusual. Due to the fact that the track is so “normal”, it isn’t that much fun either… A bit of a disappointment, actually.

Final Rating: 7.0 (good)



To what extent do you enjoy racing this track? And unless you actually find the track to be extremely fun, what could the author have done to make the track more interesting? Use the comments below to let us hear your thoughts!


– Ratings range from 1 (bad) to 10 (perfect). 5 is average.

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4 Responses to Track Review – The Insomnia Driver

  1. TimeBreaker says:

    pretty goo track for a BB project 😀
    and i agree in most terms of the rating

    i have to say, its not even the faut of the other when talking about the one trac kpiece where the cam drives through… im sure hes a cam2 player and when you drive there with cam2 its an awesome sceery piece 😀
    he couldve forced you to drive with cam2 but im hapy he didnt

  2. micster says:

    Well as BB, this is his style of building, and I didn’t really want to force him to change. 😉

  3. Adde says:

    TimeBreaker, Im NOT a cam2 player so… I drive with cam1. 😛
    Well, Im sorry for those trackpieces, haha, thats the only thing I hate in the Coast enviroment. xD

  4. Adde says:

    the only included thing* 😛
    I mean, is all the noobish tracks included? Nope…

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