Five Into One Contest (+ Forum Reminder)

Just a little reminder to register at the TMU Blog Forum! There are currently a few events hosted there, and I’m sure you’ll find at least something of interest. For instanse, the second and improved round of the free TMU Lottery has started, now with new prizes such as a free Track Review or a day “In the Spotlight”.

Also, if you’re in to racing (of course you are, you’re playing TrackMania!), there’s currently a weekly event called United Champion. In this event, you are invited to make a replay on a specific track and enter it in the contest. The goal is to beat the “Champion”, which currently is Buchi. If you beat him, you have the chanse of become the Champion for next week!

If you’re more into track building, you’ll be thrilled about our new contest:

Idea by Alcator.

This event focuses on track building. Partly, this contest is like building a community track: Five people build one section each. However, of course there are a few twists, the main one being that everyone builds at the same time!

How’s that possible, you ask? Simply, each participant gets a limited area to build on, and later the different areas are put together by the “controller”, [B]Alcator[/B] (who will also function as a judge). Further on, no one knows the order of which the parts will appear, so you don’t know if your section will be first, last or somewhere in the middle.

PRIZE: The authors of the five selected parts win 500 coppers each!

Detailed Rules:


1. To participate, download the base structure on which you have to build here! The environment is Bay, and the base structure also has an indicator of your limited building area (you’ll need to stay within the concrete square).

2. Build your part, max 15 seconds long (you’ll need to validate it within that time limit).

3. Once done, e-mail your part (one only per player) to Don’t forget to state your in-game login.

DEADLINE: 14th of June (two weeks from start). Results and the finished track are to be posted a few days after.


1. Remove all tiles of the actual racing track between start and finish (don’t remove the start and finish, or the other 4 finishes; They are markers for the Controller). You can remove the ground concrete, or make water holes in it as needed, but stay within the limited area!

2. Build a 15 second (absolute max!) track in the designated area. Please note that you can’t build on the edge where the Start tile is. If your author time is 15.01 or greater, your submission will be rejected.

3. Checkpoints are not required, but they CAN be used to block cuts.

4. Don’t add any scenery except racing obstacles. In case of signs/obstacles, only place those elements that are absolutely needed (i.e., place a sign but not the pole on which the sign is positioned).

5. Please keep in mind that you don’t really have control over the speed at which the cars will start your section, so don’t rely on some exact speed/angle. Press Forward start/section is not allowed.

When all people have submitted their versions, the 5 best parts will be placed together in this way:

a) One of them is left as it is, only its finish is replaced with a CP.

b) Next, one of the remaining is “copied” from this CP (which will correspond to the start tile) – that’s what the other 4 finish gates are for: they mark where each further stage ends.

c) This will be repeated until 5 parts are copied into one track.

Remember: 15.00 seconds absolute max author time *** Stay in the yellow area (as seen in the below image) *** Don’t shift start or finish *** Minimum scenery.

Five Into One Construction Limits Contsruction limit.

So, hopefully you’ll participate in this contest (at least five submissions are obviously needed, so the more the better!), and don’t forget to register at the TMU Blog Forum and take part in the action there as well 😉


4 Responses to Five Into One Contest (+ Forum Reminder)

  1. T_Z_ says:

    Cool contest 😉

  2. alcator says:

    The coolest thing about this is that we get a community track in approx. 2 weeks – far faster than the average BASCO or Com Track.

  3. Jozii says:

    I was thinking, should this track be the next BT Com track? Or should it just be “a track”?

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