Driver’s Contest II – The Final Results!

You all know by now that the past few weeks the second edition of the Driver’s Contest was hosted by the TMU Blog. It’s been an exciting journey, from the elimination of the first bunch of participants, to the quarterfinals with the eight remaining players, to the semifinals with four contestants left, and finally, last week, the final round between -Homie- and Zooz.

The top prize is 5,000 coppers and 3,000 for second place. The results were not supposed to be delivered until tomorrow, but as the two finalists have already sent in their replays, you get the news already today 😀 So without further ado, the winner of the Driver’s Contest II is:

Zooz! 1:07.45

Hardly a surprise to many, but still, a very good job done by the eight other contestants who made it as far as to the quarterfinals (a lot of people didn’t get that far), and a really good job by -Homie- who finished second. Here’s the final overview image of the entire contest:

DC II - Final Overview Click to enlarge

In the future, a third edition of the Driver’s Contest might appear, but not any time soon. Instead, in the near future, a larger contest regarding the building of tracks is planned to happen. Keep your eyes open 😉

If you can’t get enough of driving though, I suggest you have a look at the new TMU Blog Forum, where a new driving contest has been started. It’s a weekly challenge where all race against one. Check out the United Champion, which is the name of the challenge!

If you haven’t signed up at the forums yet, do so now 😉

Anyway, congratulations again to Zooz and the rest of the participants 😀


9 Responses to Driver’s Contest II – The Final Results!

  1. TimeBreaker says:

    wooow what a time zooz :O
    hey jozii , can you tell us what time homie drove? 🙂

  2. Sk84funPrzemo says:

    GW Zooz!!! 😀

  3. djoszee says:

    good job zooz, gefeliciteerd 🙂

  4. T_Z_ says:

    Gratz Zooz, that track was like hell ^_^

  5. JumperJack says:

    i wouldn’t have thought else… 😉

  6. Zooz says:

    Thanks! ^^

  7. micster says:

    Congrats Zooz! 😀

  8. smok3y says:

    Congrats zooz and to homie as well 😀

  9. NastiSavage says:

    Congrats Zooz!
    Nice job Homie!
    Too bad Buchi and CubicReg couldn’t race for 3rd/4th place.

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