TrackManiac of the Month – MrA, May 2007

Last week the new TrackManiac of the Month – MrA, the TMX boss – was revealed. Today is the day of his time in the spotlight, which, for you, means a lot of interesting reading 😉

If you don’t know who MrA is, this is your chance to get to do so. If you already do know him, I’m still sure you’ll still find quite a few surprises in this post…

As most of you know, MrA is the boss at the TrackMania Exchange, the worlds biggest and best TM track swapping site. MrAs’ role on TMX is, simply put, to make sure things are in order and work smoothly. Digging deeper into it, MrAs’ work list includes, among other things, the following:

  • The recruiting and removing of TMX staff
  • Work together with the coders to get new features looking good
  • Keep track on donations to the site

As those of you active at TMX know, TMX is a free site relying on volunteers to keep it up and running. MrA and the rest of the staff doesn’t earn any money on the site, and all their work is done in their spare time.

The artist

So how does MrA earn his money? Actually, he works at a datacenter doing technical support for an international company. Even more interesting is that he also earns a side income – as an artist! MrA has around 40 paintings in his house, all of which he has painted himself. Some of these paintings are up for sale online. Check out this site for a few samples of MrAs’ artistic side. And if you find anything interesting, don’t hesitate to make a purchase 😉

Bleak Woodland Walk, by MrA

The history

When it comes to TM, everyone starts somewhere, and for MrA this history goes way back to the days of TrackMania Original three years ago. In fact, MrAs’ first track was uploaded at TMX Original on the 14th of April 2004, and this is also where his “career” within TMX began. At that time, there weren’t many features at TMX besides uploading tracks and replays, but MrD, the original creator of TMX, was actively working on the site.

By commenting and providing ideas, thus helping MrD, MrA quickly became a moderator in May 2004. During the following year, he worked closely together with MrD on the site, and from there a lot of ideas were born, both things that still remain today and things that have come and gone.

About the same time as TrackMania Sunrise hit the stores, MrD gradually lost interest in TM, and little by little MrA was the one to take over the daily routines. Today, MrA is the one keeping things together, and considering the fact that he spends a lot of his free time doing this, you all must admit he’s doing a great job!

Outside TMX

At the moment, MrA is “taking a break” from TrackMania, meaning he “only” does his job at TMX and builds the occasional track. Before TMU came out, however, he was active in the UK Team for TM Nations.

In the days of TMO, MrA was also famous for his great tracks. He even got a direct mention at the Official French Site that invited everyone to download the tracks of MrA.

Did you know…

  • …that MrA even started a separate TMX bank account to keep donated money separated from his own?
  • …that one of MrAs’ paintings hangs in Hungary, two hang in Scotland, and an additional two in Texas, America?
  • …that the “A” in MrA stands for Anderson?
  • …that MrA used to do athletics?
  • …that MrA got hooked on TrackMania after having played it with his brother over “a few beers”?
  • …that MrA is in his best years – 32 years of age?

The TrackManiac of the Month is taking a summer break of three months. Expect the next round to start in September 😉 If you know of someone, or are that someone yourself, send any nomination suggestions for the next TrackManiac of the Month by e-mailing – remember to include good reasons for your nominations!


9 Responses to TrackManiac of the Month – MrA, May 2007

  1. Aaerox says:

    Wow! His paintings are really good!! And his tracks are the best I’ve ever played! 😛

  2. JumperJack says:

    wow, this article was really pleasant to read – happily that i chose MrA at the voting… 🙂

    nice work for trackmania all these years, mr anderson!! 😉

  3. CMCZeo says:

    Great paintings MrA. 😀 I didn’t even knew you do something like this outside TM. :O My favourite is the Warm Winter.

    And also i say congrats for this article, they always bring something new about TrackManiacs. 🙂

  4. micster says:

    Awesome read! I never knew so much about MrAnderson til now! 🙂

  5. Kendal says:

    Great Paintings!
    Reminds me of Bob Ross With “the joy of painting” serie 😀

  6. smok3y says:

    Now thats what i call a true interview and an interesting read 😀
    Awesome work jozii
    Loved reading every word. And by golly MrA is an awesome painter. Even i do oil paintings, but then what MrA has made are beautiful and way too good 😀

  7. djoszee says:

    Nice read and cool paintings 😀

  8. MrA says:

    Thanks all, and nicely written up Jozii 🙂

  9. Jozii says:

    A lot of the credit for the writing should go to MrA for being such an easy subject to interview 😀 He gave a lot of information without over-do anything or reveal too much about himself 😉

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