Driver’s Contest II – FINAL!

The semi-finals of the Driver’s Contest are now over! This post contains the results which reveal who the two finalists are and what track they’ll compete on for the final win!

So here we go, the winners are:

  • Zooz – 0:51.11
  • -Homie- – 0:55.94

Congratulations to those who have made it to the end, but well done to those who still made it as far as the semifinals. The two who were eliminated during the semifinals win 500 coppers each!


This is it! There are only two contestants left – Zooz vs. -Homie- – and these two now fight for the top prize of 5000 coppers (3000 coppers for second place). These are two really great drivers! You can discuss who you think will win in the comments below 😉

Now, this image shows the contest so far, and the track needed to be driven by the two finalists in this last round:

DC II Finals Click to enlarge.

The track in question is a Stadium dirt track, in honor of basically the only “real” new thing in United. The choice to use such track is to make sure the driver’s actually have what it takes. In the Driver’s Contest you must be able to handle most kinds of environments and styles.

The track was built especially for this contest as there were suggestions to use league tracks, but many found these too boring and not suited for a contest like this one. Therefore, this new track aims at combining league track style with a more interesting look. If it’s a success or not is up to you – no matter what, it’s the track the finalists will have to race 😉

You can download the track by clicking here!

Here’s what the contestants must do next:

  1. Download the given track.
  2. Race the track and save their best replays.
  3. Send their best replay (one only) to
  4. DEADLINE: Monday 28th of May.

Remember, cuts are NOT allowed!

I wish the contestants good luck 😀


9 Responses to Driver’s Contest II – FINAL!

  1. T_Z_ says:

    hmm, I don’t know who’s gonna win but, Zooz is famous for his perfect driving ^_^

  2. CubicReg says:

    Phiew ! A chance that I didn’t pass to ridiculise myself 😀
    well, good luck -Homie-. I don’t think Zooz needs encouragement :s

  3. djoszee says:

    Denk er om dat je hem inmaakt!

    Translation: Good luck to all drivers 🙂

  4. JumperJack says:

    hmm… zooz already broke some of my longstanding records at my old tracks, and i promised him that i should name him the best driver i know, so i guess i’m betting on zooz… 😀

    but i don’t think he’ll need that much luck… 😉

  5. Zooz says:

    Oh, you know I hate dirt tracks with landings (didn’t check this one yet though) 😛

    Also, what were the times of the other two? I’m curious about by how much I won 😛

  6. TimeBreaker says:

    wow thisll be a nice final 😀

    and as i know how good zooz is, i think you cant be sure on this track 😛
    i drove it, its so techy, no flow, nothing smooth, just dirt thatll make you crazy 😀

    give your best homie and zooz 😉

  7. Buchi says:

    I drove a bit and got a high 52… it wasnt neccessary to send it anyway… so you kinda blew me away, but I did not send any Replay ^^

  8. micster says:

    Lol! I didn’t know CubicReg and Homie were battling it out on my track! Infact I had no idea at least one of my tracks was on this contest. 😛

    Good luck on the Finals guys!

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