Article: Cool Camera Angles – Part 1

Written by Alcator. 

Just like with filmmaking, there are good ways to show something, and there are bad ways. When making a replay for your track, you may be easily seduced by the way YOU drive your track into showing the ride from certain camera angles that only work for those who drive just like you. While in a PF track, this will be the case of most players, in normal racing tracks, player speeds and paths differ and what works for one player may not work for another.

Therefore, a few rules to follow:

1. If certain speed or way of driving does allow the player to finish, then he has the right to see himself in the replay. Just because most players will have enough speed to make it through the “upper” path doesn’t really mean you should omit the “lower” path if there’s any; just because good players pass certain stage in 3.6 seconds doesn’t really mean you can safely let the camera clip play for 3.6 seconds and then end it.

2. Make your clips Keep playing until the player triggers a different clip.

3. If you don’t feel like making clips for those who fell off the road and are traveling to some auxiliary ramp that will take them back to the track, at least place an empty clip’s triggers at points players are likely to fly/drop off the track so that the standard replay clips switch off.

4. A good thing to try is to drive like an idiot – even on straights, go from one wall to another, scratch the edges here and there, slow down needlessly before turns that can be taken at full speed, brake at places where you placed reverse boosters that would normally slow the player down automatically etc. If you make it to the finish, you SHOULD see yourself in the replay.

5. If an un-targeted camera is used in replay clip, widen the Field of vision (FOV) to 80 or 90 degrees; this basically increases the range of car speeds/paths that are visible in the replay. Also, in multiplayer, this will allow the spectator to see more cars at the same time, thus increasing the fun.

6. Follow the rules of movie-making: Stay on one side of the track (don’t jump from left to right and back), so that cars that go the intended way always travel in one direction on screen.

7. In very distant shots (like from a satellite), always use targeted camera (lock on to the car), so that the spectator has an easier job of locating the car. Or, if an untargeted view is needed, add light trails (they don’t work in Stadium, however).

8. If using FX colors effects, keep in mind two things: a) Not everyone has “Post process FX” enabled, so it may not work. b) if you reduce two parts of the color spectrum (such as if you reduce red and blue to minimum), the result is approximately one third of the original brightness; therefore, increase brightness a little bit. If you raised saturation, the image may easily become over-bright, so reduce brightness a bit.

9. To trick the spectator into believing the car is actually driving faster than it is, place the camera lower (just a little bit above the road), and even send the camera in opposite direction to the car’s (car driving 100 mph, camera moving 20 mph against it = illusion of car going at 120 mph). Likewise, by moving the camera higher from the road, the speed seems to be lower; if the camera moves in the same direction as the car, the observed speed of the car seems to be lower.

10. While during editing a replay, you have the full screen available, during real racing view, there are quite large black borders at top and bottom, with text you can’t really control in them; therefore, any text you want to display during replay should have Y-coordinate between -0.7 and +0.7 (for Y-size 1.0, this means the coordinate should actually be between -0.65 and 0.65, for size 2.0, this is -0.6 to 0.6, etc.)

To be continued…


5 Responses to Article: Cool Camera Angles – Part 1

  1. JumperJack says:

    ahh, wonderful article again, alcator!! 😀

    and i’m very happy with #10, since i was always too lazy to search the limits of the black lines, and now i can make the trackname nicely in an outro, since i also know now how to copy camera clips… 😉

  2. ODS says:

    Yeah really nice article

    I start MT Work first in TMU.
    All my TMU Tracks have MT Work, but i will learn
    more and more for all Functions.
    I think my best MT Work – Replay is in my
    Track WestCoast on Exchange
    (See TrackReview on TMU BLOG)
    THX 4 this Article

    I will learn more about MT


  3. Dutchman says:

    Great work, again Alcator! These basic informations are very important even for TM-Oldtimers 🙂

  4. Quick says:

    As usual, Alcator has well documanted articles.
    I must say that intuitively, I followed most of the rules above and I am still surprised when I see outros made in a single clip. Also, another negative aspect I see in many outros is that people use most of the replay cam anchored by the car

  5. […] week, I presented you with some tips on good camera angles and work with the camera in replays in […]

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