Track Review – Boring, Unsmooth – Just Great

Written by TimeBreaker! 

Boring, Unsmooth - Just Great

First Impression

Boring and unsmooth? Doesnt look so…

Track Design

Imported from TMN, this is a good and nice fullspeed track with many nice stunt objects like loops (2), wallrides (4) and a corkscrew. Besides those many stunt blocks, you drive a bit on road, on plattform and theres also a little grasspart 😀 The stunts dominate the real drivin sections.

The difficulty is easy – medium . Nothing really tricky. Theres also a PF start with a simple straight jump, which gets a bit boring after soem tries, because theres nothing spectacular happening. The finish jump is interesting, though I’ve seen it several times now. The track is not unsmooth, but it becomes boring after a while.

After some tries the track is very easy to drive and theres nothing new and awesome in the track. But it’s a good track for WR hunting or online racing , a track where hundredths decide.

Rating: 7.0


With about 5500 coppers, quite a lot of blocks are used here. The scenery looks good all the time and interesting, but like most oldschool stadium tracks, this one looks pretty grey. I think there could’ve been more colored blocks used to create the United feel.

Rating: 7.0

Media Tracker

Intro:  Very short… about 2 seonds. It only shows the tracks name and a reflection of the letters.

In-Game: A custom cam used at the PF start. Looks ok, and the necessary camswitches in all stunt objects work.

Outro: Good outro. Got some nice cams, without any flaws. but even when I’m a hater of fx colors, this grey scenery screams for colors !

Rating: 3.5


Wow you need a magnifier to see the original parts. The most original part is still the finish jump i think, but even that is not very original… Maybe the custom music is a bit original 😛

Rating: 2.5

Fun Factor

Theres defnitely a fun factor existing, especially in the first 5 – 10 minutes. but after it, the track gets a bit boring, cause there are no challenging parts and soon you drive at the tracks limit, so I recommend to play this track on online servers 😀

Rating: 7.0


All in all this track is pretty cool for online racing and for those depserate record hunters who can drive half an hour on a track, just to improve their time by 0.10 sec. The grey scenery and all of those wallrides and loops on an average speed will soon loose on interest. Good stunts though, and a nice oldschool track.

Final Rating: 6.0 (decent)



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– Ratings range from 1 (bad) to 10 (perfect). 5 is average.

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11 Responses to Track Review – Boring, Unsmooth – Just Great

  1. alcator says:

    A discussion theme is missing. I suggest “What’s your opinion on Nations to United conversions?”

  2. TimeBreaker says:

    oh yeah 🙂 sry im a noob 😛

  3. T_Z_ says:

    lol Timebreaker, why would you be a noob? Jozii is the one adding the discussions right? 😛

    I’m glad that United has a lot of new pieces now, specially for scenery and of course, tha marvelous platform ^_^

  4. Kendal says:

    I think if you update your track with new pieces and scenery and update the MT-work, I don’t see a big problem.

    But it isn’t very creative to just convert an old track. Maybe it’s too easy scoring….
    I enjoy a new track more and would award it sooner than an converted one.

  5. Buchi says:

    Hehe, in fact I think the Reviewer, TB, did a good Job. I did a poor Job with the MT and its not Original at all.
    I personally like the Nations Scenery much more than those sucky TMU Trees, Castles and Stuff. But thats personal Taste 😉

    Oh, and as I read in Kendals Comment, I did not just convert the old Track, but I changed many little Things and the Driving is much more Fun now. I also did a new Intro, allthough it sucks. I changed the Outro most of the Way too. And I updated the Scenery of course, just did not use many TMU Blocks.

    In fact, I start disliking Stadium more and more since I play it in TMU. TMN Stadium was awesome, TMU Stadium is just average imo. I think the Dirtpieces totally suck, and I am not the only one who thinks so, as there are hardly any Stadium Dirt Tracks the last Time.
    And the biggest Sh** in my Eyes, are those Platform Blocks. In TMN it was a Challenge to make a really cool Track, you had to search for cool Ways to connect some Parts together and Stuff, but now you just go and take some Platform Parts and its cool and everybody likes it.

    Anyway, thanks TimeBreaker for the Review, it was kinda intresting to read and it showed me that you like what I dont like and the other Way round 😛

  6. djoszee says:

    I think that it is okay to convert tracks from TMN to TMU, you’ll just have to change loads of things and create a reall united feel (as described in the scenery part) 🙂

  7. TimeBreaker says:

    lol buchi 😛

    i have to say, i didnt read your trackdetails :$
    i didnt know you made it in tmn 😉
    still i think, when you convert a track to tmu, you need some new pieces, ok and when youve changed some things i really cant recognize any tmu block 😛
    and thats the point (i also converted a track, and now it looks like a united track 😉 )
    maybe its really a matter of taste with the new scenery blocks. but i really love the palms and the castle stuff 😛 its just something new and looks quite cool :
    im sure if this wouldve been the tmn blog i wouldve given you a rating of maybe 8.0 😛

    oh and youre right, tmn was way funnier than tmu, but now its too late, maybe we all should give nadeo some suggestions for a united update, like united extreme xD
    red boosters in stadium 😛 , and some other objects that are based to make stadium faster and faster..
    no i hop not :S
    the new pieces are based on big speed and buggy tech (dirt)

  8. Buchi says:

    Hehe, drive the Track again, you will find some TMU Blocks. I used one Ring CP (seen the Screenshot? xD) and I used those Roofs, or whatever it is. But in fact, I did not want to make a TMU-like scenery, I like the TMN Scenery much more, the grey stuff rocks.
    If this is a reason for anyone to not give an Award or to give a lower rating, thats absolutely no problem. I am not that guy who stops making tracks if they dont get more than, whatever, 30 Awards. I make maps to have fun myself, and to bring some fun to others.
    If one of my Track reaches 10 Awards, I am happy with it. Of course not proud, but my work was worth it then, so I can sleep good until the next track will be uploaded 😛

  9. TimeBreaker says:

    lol 30 awards are good 😀
    but i think i know who you mean haha 😛

    i totally forgot to award the track, man 😀 after all i still like it, and the 6,0 look worse as the track really is 🙂

  10. Buchi says:

    Hehe, yes. The (very deserved) MT points pull it down a bit ^^ 😛

  11. Kendal says:

    I’m with Buchi with the scenery parts.
    Man, the palmtrees, christmas trees and castle’s aren’t my thing aswell…
    I don’t think they add something to the stadium feeling.
    But I do like the other huge statue-things and bowls-things 😉

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