Driver’s Contest II – Semifinals

The quarterfinals of the Driver’s Contest are now over! This post contains the results which reveal who the four top drivers who’ll move on tho the semifinals are.

The four can also see who their next opponents are i this post 😉

So here we go, the winners are:

  • Zooz – 0:37.57 (against Dec, 00:38.16)
  • Buchi – 1:09.96 (against Kellerkind, 1:10.45)
  • -Homie- – 0:51.56 (against Low_B, no replay)
  • CubicReg – 0:28.58 (against Zeo, 0:29.14)

Congratulations to those who have made it to the semifinals, but well done to those who still made it as far as the quarterfinal. The four who were eliminated during the quarterfinal win 250 coppers each!


The four remaining contestants are closing in on the top prize (5000 coppers), but already now the prizes increase. Only two players can move on to the final round, but even those who are eliminated during the semifinal are guaranteed to win 500 coppers each.

Now, here’s the starting field (look at the Semifinals column), who races against who, and on which track:

DC II Structure - Semifinal Click to enlarge.

Note: I tried to choose a new track for the race between Zooz and Buchi (“Irish Cream” was also raced by -Homie- and Low_B in the quarterfinal), but fining another track was difficult: If Buchi hasn’t made the track himself, he has either betatested it or already driven a good WR time on it 😛

Anyway, here’s what the contestants must do next:

  1. Find and download their given track (again, see the image above) at TMX.
  2. Race the track and save their best replays.
  3. Send their best replay (one only) to
  4. DEADLINE: Wednesday 23rd of May.

Remember, cuts are NOT allowed!

I wish the contestants good luck 😀


27 Responses to Driver’s Contest II – Semifinals

  1. T_Z_ says:

    My guess for the final is: Buchi vs -Homie- 😛

  2. insane says:

    heh, dont think it will be an XT only final, zooz is too good 😛
    oh well, congrats to everyone who got this far

  3. JumperJack says:

    lol – personnaly, i’m sure that zooz will move on to the finals… and i’m not sure about homie or cubicreg… 😉

  4. Hubby says:

    Did i see this right (in the image)? You have chosen my Roadrunner (desert) track for the quarter finals ?? 🙂

  5. CubicReg says:

    An island speed track… I’m not sure about myself either :s
    Congrats to the those who passed, and to Zeo who did a very nice time. It seems that more luck was involved in my run 🙂

  6. Buchi says:

    Yes 😀
    Well, the Contest is over for me now, as Zooz isnt in my class at all, but hey, I did what I could. Anyway I will try to drive it to the Limit, so dont lean back Zooz 😉

    Bay is actually a good Environment for me, so I it maybe could become Close 😉

    Congrats to the others 😛
    And good Luck too 🙂

  7. Zooz says:

    The track is not too bad compared to the last ones, good thing we didn’t get the Island speedtrack :S ^^

  8. alcator says:

    I wish the semifinalists all the best in the upcoming matches 🙂

  9. djoszee says:

    as do I.

    The drivers in the quarterfinals seemed to had fun on my track, which makes me happy 🙂

  10. Zooz says:

    Also, I don’t see how it could be hard to find a track for this contest. There are sooo many TM tracks…
    Hell, Rax made like 80 shorttracks that are all more suitable for such a contest than the tracks we have now. Or you can always pick an old league track.

  11. Jozii says:

    Exactly, there are sooo many! I play the tracks I have to play for the blog, and if I would play other tracks as well I wouldn’t be doing anything else. Thus, I’m afraid I haven’t come across the tracks you’re talking about…

  12. JumperJack says:

    ey jozii, i’ll send you a mail where to find the most suitable contest tracks… 😉

  13. Jozii says:

    LoL, thanks JJ 😛

  14. Zooz says:

    Oh, I can do that with one link:
    then go to Map Archive ^^

  15. Buchi says:

    Maybe the Tracks are not perfect for a CUp, but those League Maps (I did not have a look, its just a guess) are also not good for such a contest.
    This should still be fun, not only racing and winning and stuff. And I think I am not the only one who would not care about the contests here if hardcore tech is running 😉

  16. Zooz says:

    Wait, so you only play the ones you have to play for the blog, and such?
    I get it now, i think you’re getting out of touch with the actual community. You just see the tracks that the small group of regulars around here, mostly TMX gogogo speedtrackkids (j/k).
    I think you should go and actually play TM sometimes. Go on a server you would not normally visit. Take a look on a league training server, or a team server, or Rax’s excellend Hardcore Rounds server. It seems to be attracting a lot of players who like good tracks lately.

    Or you can just go to Mistral’s server to see everyone, but don’t look at the maps there too much as it mostly has easy tracks that the average player likes and can compete in easily. In other words, boring, piss easy maps 😛

    You can also check other competitions and see what maps they use, like i posted above, or the mappacks of a time attack league like tm-ligue, or various small ones like BRT’s cup or whatever.

    Anyway, go out there and look at other stuff and leave that TMU blog alone for a short while, maybe you’ll even find new things to write about ^^

  17. CubicReg says:

    Taking league maps can also be a disadvantage for people who don’t take part in the UL (or SL or LE) : those who did are already heavily trained on the maps and even after a few months you can still remember how you drove it in the past.
    I believe I saw it was supposed to be a contest for fun… well you’ll have to tell me where you find the fun in the league maps :p. That’s exactly what they’re not supposed to be.
    Don’t put words in my mouth though, I didn’t say that the kind of Island speedtrack we (-Homie and me) are currently racing on is the way to go, but those are the extremes. There are plenty of technical tracks which are also fun to drive on TMX 🙂

  18. Jozii says:

    Zooz, JJ sent me that link yesterday, and I tried quite a few of them – and I agree with Buchi and CubicReg! The league tracks are the kind that are suited for extreme competition, but I didn’t find a single “fun” one. And as you said, the main audience here are from TMX. So to make a comparance, the leauge tracks would have a maximum of 1 award each, if someone uploaded them as “normal” tarcks. So as you can guess, league tracks is nothing I’ll include in the contest.

    When it comes to my time playing TM, don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I never have or still don’t play both online and offline. I do, just not as much as I’d like to. I don’t download tracks from TMX unless I have to (but I do purchase tracks in-game once in a while), and my online playing time isn’t as high as for example when I first got TMU or when I played Nations. But I wouldn’t say I have no clue about what a “good” track is at all… I just haven’t been lucky enough to “come across” one.

    I guess what you are looking for are more technical tracks, correct? You can all suggest suitable tracks for future use ( 😉

    Oh, and cut down my time at the blog is not going to happen 😛 I only spend 1-1½ hours/day on average, which is how long it takes to write posts and comments, and that’s basically all I can spend here if I want to keep up with other TM stuff as well… what really takes my time from TM is not at all related to this blog. Remember, I have a personal life too, a school to go to and a lot of other stuff to keep up with besides the blog and the TM community!

  19. Zooz says:

    I tried to post this two days ago but it keeps not appearing. Here’s another try then.


    Hardcore tech? You should have played TM in 2004. You’d be shocked to see that all maps were this so-called “hardcore tech”.

    I think there’s a fundamental difference in how we look at maps. For you, the track has to drive the player. If the route is not obvious and easy and smooth, it’s bad. It all has to be pre-defined, racing lines planned in advance and made as clear of obstruction as possible, with GPS (which should be called differently) showing the way.

    I prefer that the player drives the track. Mapper builds something, player will have to find out how to do it best and fastest. That’s skill. Maybe there’s a cut. Well, that’s no problem as the objective is to go from start to finish through all the checks, in no particular order. Therefore the player just found a better way to drive it and that’s good.
    That’s also why i think speedtrack suck.
    The author controls your car. He puts boosters or antiboosters and you just press forward and mindlessly steer the way of the track a bit. The author has pre-tested everything and made sure it all works well at one specific speed. Sure, it’s nice if there is a turn that’s hard to take at that speed, but in the end just steering through a turn isn’t what racing is about anyway, if you have an analog controller it should be no problem after a few tries.
    In racing, most of the challenge comes from slowing down and using the gas and brakes. Not just pushing the stick a certain amount in one direction depending on how the author wanted you to do it.

    Pff, I make long replies. I should be driving the semifinal track. Oh well.

    Hmm, it says something about duplicate comments. If anything is double, sry for that ^^

    Also, I’m baffled by the whole “league tracks aren’t fun” thing. Why else do 40-80 teams, all with 5-30 players, subscribe to them then? Not to win, most teams don’t stand a chance and they know it. Players generally also don’t play tracks they don’t like while trying to have fun. So it looks like your opinion isn’t shared by everyone.

  20. CubicReg says:

    Most teams participate not for the fun I guess, but to push their limits on a track by training and studying it in depth, for finally having a big moment of stress the D-day and the feeling that we did our most to win.
    I’d say that I take pleasure driving that way agaisnt other teams, but I rarely have fun training the maps.

  21. JumperJack says:

    oh really?! i’ve got lots of fun playing league tracks, when they’re well designed. i agree that there’re some tracks that look bad because of the missing scenery and sometimes even missing flow, but overall, i like to drive league tracks a lot!!

    anyway, i like all genres, from tech to league to full-speed, and i’ll try to be as objective as possible when saying that the track is bad or not. for good full-speed tracks, there’re also some less good, and the same thing happens at league tracks.

    so i don’t think that you’ve got to say that ‘leaguetracks’ are bad, but that you’ve got to say that about every single track in particular. when i would say that fullspeed tracks are good, i would lie too, since there’re some bad ones too areound!! 😉

  22. JumperJack says:

    oh, forgot to say that, it also always stays a matter of your own opinion!! 😉

  23. CubicReg says:

    Actually for me it depends on the track. There must be characteristic features of the leagues’ as I saw on the official forum mappers that claim themselves “league-style mappers”.
    Yeah I generalized a bit too much. I *am* having fun on a few league maps. Last Riptor’s snow was awful while this week, BanZzaï’s could be one that anybody could be likely to pick.
    But then it’s just a matter of taste… whether you get your kicks on hardcore techy tracks or not.

  24. Jozii says:

    League tracks are obviously better for competition, especially the large contests with all those teams (who I agree probably play to push their own limits, not because they necessarily want to win or because they think thye tracks are just so great), but for a contest like this one, I think a majority would prefer the kind of tracks that are popular with the crowd, be it full-speed or not.

  25. Buchi says:

    Yes Zooz, I know what you mean, but for me its not possible to enjoy too techy Maps. I like driving good Speed Maps, thats what I am here for, I like building them too.
    And I totally understand that you, as one of the most awesome Drivers around love Tech Maps, as there is much more Time to win, if you race them over and over again. And as you said, you can control much more in a Tech Map too.
    But I, as an average (maybe a bit higher than average :P) driver, only get frustrated on such too techy maps.

    But for me, League Tracks are definitly not made for such a contest like its here.

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