TMU Blog Forum?

Those of you who know me or knows the TMU Blog quite a bit also know that I love to start new projects. A blog is a wonderful thing for these kind of things, but there are still things I’d like to do that are not too suited to do on a blog. A blog is a place where you’re supposed to read more than to do, and in some cases this therefore prevents me from doing all those things I’d like to do.

As you can guess by the title, the idea is to make a TMU Blog Forum, but this isn’t anything I want to do unless I know people will actually use it. I realize there are already tons of TM forums out there, so this one wouldn’t be anything big, but rather an add to the blog for easier communication and possibilities to do new things.

Here’s what a forum closely associated to the TMU Blog could be good for:

  • It opens up new possibilities,
  • It saves those who just wants to read from having to live with weekly updates on subjects they don’t care about (like weekly challenges or updates on contests),
  • It saves posting space (I try to stick to one post/day) allowing more interesting stuff to be posted at the blog rather than the previously mentioned weekly updates that not everyone cares about (these updates could then be found at the appropriate place at the forum instead, for those interested),
  • Better organization. Instead of posting progress updates on for example contests here at the blog and at tons of forums around the net, contests could be updated at the TMU Blog Forum only. Makes life a lot easier!

Here’s a few things I had in mind for this forum:

  • Contest topics. Instead of updating TMU Blog contests here at the blog and various other forums, they could all be located at one place for easy access and update possibilities.
  • Weekly challenges. Weekly challenges could be hosted easily at a forum, like the classical idea of a TM lottery or smaller driver challenges. If this was to be done here at the blog, it would just take up posting space and even annoy some readers.
  • Screenshot posting. A place where you could show off your screenshots. This topic could also be used to select screenshots for the Screenshot of the Week challenge here at the blog so you guys don’t have to e-mail them to me.
  • Polls. I’ve often wanted to start polls here at the blog, but that feature isn’t possible. At a forum, it would be.

Of course, more common things such as places to advertise your own tracks (or other creations), general discussions, spam games, etc. could be created, but then again, there are already enough of that throughout the net.

So the question remains: Is there any interest at all in having a forum like this, and would you visit it if there was one? Discuss this in the comments below, and based on the reaction and thoughts the idea can be made into reality or skipped completely 😉


8 Responses to TMU Blog Forum?

  1. alcator says:

    If I may say so, I’d rather not see yet another TM forum.

    Right now, there are hundreds of TM forums, making it extremely difficult to participate – Everytime I notice a new thread about a new competition on TMX, there’s usually “To participate, you MUST first register on our hyper-duper-mega-cool forum (usually made using the “Generate new phorum” function of some prefabricated forum code like phpBB or so) on


    We should instead try to unite the community on one place, TMX being the number one choice. The admins of TMX don’t protest against competitions and projects being discussed there, you can post pictures and tracks and replays there…

  2. djoszee says:

    I agree with alcator. This blog is something uniqeu, rather then all the forums out there. I’d say you should stick to this blog, maybe you can ask for an extra board on tmx as an addition 🙂

  3. Jozii says:

    All respect to TMX, but their forum isn’t the best around. Besides, I’d like to get less dependent of TMX so the blog would stand on it’s own 😉

  4. insane says:

    i get the point of djo and alcator, nontheless a forum might be quite a nice addition to the blog, for us readers to interact with you 😉
    nontheless you should stick to the blog and use a forum, if at all, as an addtion

  5. T_Z_ says:

    I wouldn’t mind the new forum but It’s gonna be more work for me :P, everyday I check TMX, Team Forum, TmuBlog and others I know seeking for new things. It’s ok for me though…

    … today it’s hot ^^

  6. TimeBreaker says:

    you know what i think about that idea jozii 🙂
    but if therell be a forum, i will visit it at least once a day 🙂

  7. Jozii says:

    No no, it wouldn’t mean “abandoning” the blog. The blog would still be the main thing, and if something “special” is going on at the forum, it would off course be mentioned at the blog, but in general, the forum would just be an addition. Things that not everyone wants to read (like contest updates and weekly challenges, for example) and thus is not a good idea to keep “annoying” people with be posting about it every week, is what the forum would help with.

    And as I said, there’s no need to have general discussion boards and such at the forum, as that already exists everywhere!

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