TrackManiac of the Month, Introduction – May 2007

Last month we ran the first round of the TrackManiac of the Month contest. Six TM players were nominated, you voted for your favorite, and the winner had a day in the spotlight.

It was a good and exiting contest, but many complained about the nominated players not being of the kind that really should deserve the title of TrackManiac of the Month. So from this round on, which will be running during May, the nominated people will be various behind-the-scenes players (website owners, server hosts, etc.) who work behind the scenes to make the TM community a better place for all of us. But we still won’t forget the “top players”, those great track builders and drivers, so every now and then such players will also be thrown in 😉

Anyway, let’s get right to it by introducing the nominees for May:

  • MrA (TMX Boss)
  • Kss (All-Rounder)
  • Starbuck (Skin Master)
  • γѕ-τρ»Eder (TM Ladder Leader)

In this post, you get a more detailed description of the first two names:


MrA was also nominated last month, where he finished second. He’s the boss at TMX, the biggest and best TM track sharing site around, and he’s an active TM player. He keeps TMX alive, and if he wins this contest he probably has some nice stories to tell us.

Here are some quotes about MrA:

  • “He has a good attitude towards the community.”
  • “I think he can tell us some nice stories about the rise of this community and his personal touch in that”

So if you’d like to see the boss of TMX win this contest, vote for MrA!


Kss (aka. Viandox, Jacky Loopie, and others), is a highly active member of the TM community. He has been around since Original, and during his time he has done a lot for the community. Here are a few examples of what Kss has done:

  • Sponsored a few contests and servers, including Lepapa and Mistralserver.
  • Made three mods: Dirtstyle (Desert), Inca (Desert) and Incasnow (Alpine).
  • Won some Overdosecups.
  • Made quite a lot of tracks (available at TMX).
  • Has a ManiaLink (kss) where you can also download his three mods.

In other words, Kss is a bit of an all-rounder. If you consider this a valuable thing, vote for Kss!


Next week you’ll get descriptions of the two other nominated players, and that’s also the time when the voting begins 😉 So don’t forget to check back next Sunday!


7 Responses to TrackManiac of the Month, Introduction – May 2007

  1. smok3y says:

    Me wants MrA this time pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 😀

  2. Zooz says:

    Jacky Loopie ftw ^^

  3. Foolie says:

    give me a “M” give me a “r” give me a “A”!


  4. MrA says:

    Kind words from smok3y & Foolie, but I agree with Zooz ^^

    I really hope someone who is truely active in the community wins, mostly I havnt time to play TM at the moment.

    And Jacky Loopie was around in the community for as long as I can remember, even on the old ‘Mr. Anderson fun racing’ server on TMO which most of you wont remember at all 😉

  5. Jozii says:

    So it sounds like others than MrA can have nice stories to tell. I suggest you choose wisely, not just based on who you already know the best 😉 (personally, I had no idea who Jacky Loopie was until this contest :$ ).

    Oh, and MrA, here’s a little secret: Except for when I review tracks, I only go in-game to check for messages. I haven’t really “played” TMU since I started this blog 😛

  6. MrA says:

    Thats what this website management stuff does to you 😉

  7. […] Don’t forget to refresh your memory by reading the description of the first two nominees in this post! […]

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