Driver’s Contest II – Eliminations

Last week a new Driver’s Contest was started by the TMU Blog. You can read the original rules here.

First up, now that we have some contestants (24 in total), we can move on to the first stage: Eliminations!

In the Eliminations stage all participants will race one specific track. The Environment has been randomly selected and the track is one of the official Blog Tracks made for/by the TMU Blog by famous authors. Here’s the track:

BT Com# – Deceiving Straights

Clicking the link will take you to TMX where you can download the track.

Now, as there are so many participants and only the eight best move on to the real racing (quarterfinals stage), you will have to give it all you’ve got! By not being eliminated in this Eliminations round, you are guaranteed to win coppers, but if you are eliminated, there’s no second chance.

Check out this image for an overview of the current status of the contest:

DC II Structure - Eliminations Stage Click to enlarge.

Here’s a complete list of participants:

  • Insane
  • Andree
  • Low_B
  • Tonic_91
  • CubicReg
  • Tom.CZ.73
  • Zooz
  • Thommy3
  • Affo
  • NitroGuy
  • TimeBreaker
  • [CMC]Zeo
  • Edskii
  • Smok3y
  • Alcator
  • Kendu
  • XTHomie
  • Dec
  • Kellerkind
  • Heah
  • T_Z_
  • Buchi
  • Sk84funPrzemo
  • JakeOIL

So what you all need to do now is simply this:

  1. Race the given track above in Solo mode.
  2. Save your best replays. Name the replays like this: “Eliminations, your-name, time”. Example: “Eliminations, Jozii, 0:45.67”
  3. Send your best replay (one only) to

DEADLINE: 10th of May (Thursday). Results are posted on Friday.

Good luck 😀


18 Responses to Driver’s Contest II – Eliminations

  1. Buchi says:

    Damn, I can say Goobye to the Contest even before it really starts. When I look on the Playerlist, I have to say that I have no chance against these Players in Stadium 😦

  2. T_Z_ says:

    Yay, Stadium 🙂
    It’ll be tough 😉

  3. JumperJack says:

    oh damn, was on holiday during these subscibtions… :S

    however, i think it’s better when think about my exams this month… 😉

  4. TimeBreaker says:

    phew 😛
    lukily its stadium, maybe i will come to the wuarterfinals 😀

  5. JumperJack says:

    ayyy – just saw that it would be a 5000 coppers price for the finals… *come on, keep thinking about exams for forget this contest…* 😉

  6. JumperJack says:

    ooohhh, now it doesn’t really matter anymore, just saw Zooz was driving in this contest too… so the 5000 coppers will be absolutely unreachable… 😀 😉

  7. Andree says:

    Stadium, shit, i dont have a chance
    Was hoping for desert

  8. insane says:

    “Was hoping for desert”
    had absolutely the same thougts 😛

  9. JakeOIL says:

    The eight best players will move to the second round??? Man, don’t have a chance to get through…

  10. Alcator says:

    I think the elimination round is way too strict; it would be better to give 3 different tracks (3 environments), and count the two best results of each racer.

    Just imagine that the elimination round would be Island — there are many players that are simply unable to race at the excessive speeds of Island, yet they may be great in other environments.

    Finally, I don’t really think that “8 go further” is a good limit if there are so many competitors. If “the better half” rule was used, it would only mean 1 more round, but it would be much more “doable”.

  11. Jozii says:

    You know what, I actually have to agree with you, but the first point (several environments in the first round) didn’t occur to me until it was too later.

    The second point (8 go further) was set before the sign-ups (which was obviously also a mistake), so I didn’t want to change when I realized the amount of participants.

    However, I have been planning a smaller solution to the last problem: A special group with the positions 9-16! These players can compete in the same way as the main group of the best 8 players, but on the side. This is not official yet, but more like an idea to solve the huge elimination problem. Also, I was thinking of something like thwe einner of the secondary group doing a final race against the winner of the main group for the ultimate win! Comments?

    Oh, and about the track thing: these strict rules are only for the first stage. For the “actual” racing those who move on have the ability to choose their preferd environments.

  12. CMCZeo says:

    Jozii, i have a little question, do you have my replay? I must be sure because last time i sended my friend (who’s also registered in this contest) a screenshot and he said he doesn’t received it yet. I can be a bit afraid that i won’t pass because my mail is slow.

  13. Jozii says:

    I received the empty e-mail (no attached replay) where you asked about the cut, but I never received another one. So no, I don’t have your replay.

  14. CMCZeo says:

    Whoops, i really didn’t attached the replay in previous e-mail. ^^ My bad memory. 😛 But OK, i’ve send you another one and i’m sure this one has an attachment. XD

  15. Buchi says:

    I really hope the next time you do a competition, Stadium isnt in the 1st Round 😦
    It was the last Time and i fucked up, it is again Stadium and I will fuck up again 😦

  16. alcator says:

    replay sent, now it’s in the hands of whoshisname.

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