Track Review – Wicked Racin’

Wicked Racin’

First Impression

Nicely designed with some good speedy areas mixed with technical stuff.

Track Design

In the latest Bay tracks I’ve reviewed here at the blog I’ve complained about the fact that way too many Bay tracks have larger open areas (platforms/plain ground) and are just high-speed tracks which would have been more suited as Stadium tracks. None of these tracks have been given a bad score though, as high-speed Bay is still a lot of fun. Wicked Racin’ has some of this too, but there are also some interesting ideas put into it.

There’s a lot of platform racing, both of the previously mentioned open-area speedy kind, but also some more technical (which is what I’d like to see more of in Bay). For example, near the start of the track, there’s a corkscrew-like thing(or wallride-like thing – whatever you want to call it) which I found quite fun.

There are also some nice loops and other just tilted platform sections, but at some points these fail to impress. A few minor designer flaws prevent the track from looking like a masterpiece.

The finish was a bit of a disappointment – a loop (of the standard asphalt kind – not a homemade platform kind) followed by a straight line which only contains a few “bumps” (smaller jumps).

Overall, the design combines speed and technical in a good way, but it fails to prove itself enough to get a better score than many of the previous Bay tracks reviewed.

Rating: 7.5


Quite scarce at a lot of places, but overall quite decent. Some spots are a bit empty, but there’s always “just enough” to keep you interested. Perhaps some more scenery could have been added though…

Rating: 7.5


Intro: Show’s the track, but perhaps a bit quick-made. Doesn’t appear that “professional”, but it does what it should do and that’s enough for a decent intro 😉

In-game: Cam changes.

Outro: Finally someone who knows how to combine cool effects with great camera angles that still does show the race. The effects doesn’t ruin the outro as it does in many other tracks, and that’s a huge plus! However, there’s also a huge minus: Way too many times the camera goes through scenery, and at one point even the vehicle itself. That’s quite a low-level mistake, something that no good track author should make.

Rating: 7.0


We’ve all seen different platform combinations, including the corkscrew-like thing in this Wicked Racin’, but the version in this track has a design I haven’t really seen before.

There are also a few original parts, but also a few that fail in having a good enough design to be interesting enough. A minor plus, but nothing too exciting.

And one last thing: While many speedy Bay tracks have quite easy sections, this track has one or two open areas where you actually are in risk of skidding enough to loose control. It’s not much, but it’s always interesting to see, and thus adds a bit of innovation 😉 How good it is in reality is another thing, though…

Rating: 5.0

Fun Factor

Despite some designer flaws, both in design and MT work, the track is really fun to drive, and that’s what’s making it a good track. It doesn’t appeal to me that much, and it’s not a track I’d drive for an unusually long time, but it does keep a high standard on this point.

Rating: 8.5


An overall good design, but with a few minor flaws which makes the track seem unprofessional. There are a lot of flaws in the MT work, and the scenery isn’t extremely exciting either.

However, this is not at all a bad track, and it is rather fun to drive. There are mixed feelings of a great racing sensation and poor unprofessional mistakes, but in the end the good feelings win. For next time though, the author should probably spend more time on the details, as there isn’t really any way around spending a lot of time in order to make a really good track.

Final Rating: 7.5 (good)


Bay tracks – technical urban environment or high-speed dock action? Express your opinion by commenting this post!



– Ratings range from 1 (bad) to 10 (perfect). 5 is average.

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4 Responses to Track Review – Wicked Racin’

  1. insane says:

    gonna try it now, sounds interesting enough 😛
    for your question, i dont have any preferences about tech or speed tracks in bay, both are great fun to drive, though there probably arent enough “good” tech-tracks around.

  2. insane says:

    though i normally dislike loops in bay pretty much…
    sry for two posts in a row, but you cant edit them 😐

  3. T_Z_ says:

    hmm, the intro was made in 10 mins 😛 and the Outro… didn’t notice that many in-building camera but that’s probably because the way I drive… And the scenery, I’m very happy I got a decent one 🙂 It’s the thing I’m most crappy at 😉

    Thx for the review Jozii 🙂

  4. CMCZeo says:

    Bay tracks – technical urban environment or high-speed dock action?

    That’s my answer – none of them! 😛 For me it’s urban high-speed. 😉

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