Track Review – [PF]/[PB] Hawaii Stunts

[PF]/[PB] Hawaii Stunts

First Impression

Cool stunts, but nothing that incredible.

Track Design

This is a combination of a Press Forward (PF) and a Press Backwards (PB) track. You have the power to choose the direction!

The PF section has some quite cool jumps and stunts. It’s fast, and the car never gets “stuck” for too long in one place (for example just going in a straight line). However, there’s nothing that makes you go “wow”. There are no really spectacular jumps or stunts, which would be required to get a better rating.

But then again, there are some new ideas which I like a lot, and especially the fast style makes it more interesting. Also, towards the end, for just a very short time, you have to take control of the car. It’s a nice way to end things 😉

The PB part of the track is also quite decent, but far from as good as the PF section. It’s a good idea adding both ways into the track, but to be honest the PB stunts don’t appeal to me much. Also, the PB part is a lot shorter, and doesn’t really make the track better. It feels like it was added just for the heck of it, and I can’t help thinking that maybe the PB part should have been skipped completely!

Rating: 7.5


Enough scenery to make the track interesting. Some logically placed scenery blocks, and there’s always something to watch. However, nothing out of the ordinary…

Rating: 8.5


Intro: Quick but effective. Nothing special, but it gives a decent overview of the track.

In-game: Nothing.

Outro: Cool replay which is of course required in a PF track. Nice camera view, and the fact that you always know exactly what path the vehicle will take allows for extra nice camera movements, which has been taken into consideration here.

Overall some good MT work, but nothing truly spectacular.

Rating: 8.0


Some interesting stunts and a few innovative ones, but unfortunately nothing really new or extra cool. A fair level of innovation, but not what it could have been…

Rating: 5.0

Fun Factor

The track isn’t that long, but it’s fun to drive the first time, and it’s extra fun to watch the reply. Also, you can always get a bit extra out of the track by also driving the PB part 😉 However, there are not really any stunts you’ll want to see again, so it will probably be short lived.

Rating: 6.0


Some cool jumps, and even some inventive ones, but nothing that will make you go “wow”. A fun track to watch the first time, and additional fun if you drive both the PF and PB part, but probably nothing you’ll be very interested in watching twice. A good PF track, but not excellent.

Final Rating: 7.5 (good)


PF tracks usually require a lot of spectacular stunts. Do you think this track meets that specific requirement?



– Ratings range from 1 (bad) to 10 (perfect). 5 is average.

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7 Responses to Track Review – [PF]/[PB] Hawaii Stunts

  1. Alcator says:

    I can’t help it but wonder what rating would

    get, when a less than 1 minute of PF track with NO in-game MT (????) gets 7.5 🙂

  2. Alcator says:

    “PF tracks usually require a lot of spectacular stunts. Do you think this track meets that specific requirement?”

    There’ much more to a PF track than just spectacular stunts.

    First of all, this track has no checkpoints, which means it’s an open invitation to shortcut finders. Right now, the WR is about 12 seconds; 12 seconds is very short for a PF track.

    Secondly, in-game MT is required to make the movie experience more lively. From simple textual messages or static custom camera views that show particular jump or drop or stunt from a different angle to MediaTracking madness (as advertised in my first post), it SHOULD be there.

    Thirdly, the big thing many admire on PF tracks is the perilous construction process once you make it over 2 minutes; virtually anyone can do 60 seconds of PF, that’s easy. And here, the author did not even MAKE a PF track, this is by definition PF start, although 55 seconds long – you have to start driving after the PF section in order to get to the finish. (Just for the record: I understand this was intentional and I have no doubts that the author could make it really a PF track if he wanted to, but strictly speaking, the car does not pass the finish line by PF’ing only, so it’s not a PF track.)

  3. Jozii says:

    Alcator, I never said anything about spectacular stunts being the ONLY thing, but to be honest, I do believe it’s the most important. Sure, you can work a lot of magic with MT, but the stunts are the main foundation.

    And I disagree that in-game MT is a requirement. Sometimes it’s really cool watching a PF track in normal view, and as long as there’s a proper outro, there’s no problem (although an 8.0 for MT work was perhaps slightly too much).

    Oh, and if you wouldn’t call this a PF track, would you call it a racing track? The fact that there are no checkpoints does make it good for WR hunts (so no, I wouldn’t call that a bad thing), but in the end it is a PF track, even with the very short “take control” section towards the end.

    And one last thing, which actually caused me to think I underrated this track: At TMX it has 22 awards. The one you linked to has 27, and that’s not a big difference.

  4. Alcator says:

    Well, personally I think this track is over-rated on TMX; those people are giving it very cheap awards.

    The problem with this is mainly that the Press Backward way is far too faster than the PF path, which means WR hunters are going back and then trying to bounce off towards the finish.

    And no, I wouldn’t call this a (good) racing track, as it has 53 seconds PF start and 2 seconds of driving (god, placing finish right after start is about as much fun…)

    Getting 22 awards in 3 months is somewhat alarming for a PF track; when you compare it to the current Best of the Week, where there’s 47 awards within a WEEK for a PF track that is 4 minutes long.

  5. Jozii says:

    Lenght doesn’t matter, in my opinion. It’s the content, the rate of enjoyment, the “coolness” of it, and all those things. I know you’re currently making a long PF track, and I’m sure it will turn out great, but don’t get too caught up on the technical stuff for this reviewed track – in the end, it’s always the fun of the track that counts 😉

  6. Bye Tom says:

    I forgot to say this:

    A BIG thanks for the rewiew!!
    I will use it to make better PF tracks!! 😉

  7. Jozii says:

    Heh, two months late, but you’re welcome 😉

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