Driver’s Contest II – 10,000 coppers!

A few months ago, the TMU Blog hosted a Driver’s Contest. This contest was a huge success, and now it would be nice to make an even better follow-up 😀

The Driver’s Contest is, as the name implies, all about racing! The contest is split into four stages:

  1. Eliminations
  2. Quarterfinals
  3. Semi-finals
  4. Finals

1. Eliminations

In the first stage, everyone who has signed up must race a given track of a random environment, assuming enough players have signed up. Only eight drivers will get to the real racing in the quarterfinals, so this stage is essential to find the top participants. Racing is done by playing in solo mode and saving replays (and this goes for all stages!). Then you must e-mail your best replay for validation, but more on this when that time comes.

The eight best drivers in this stage move on to the quarterfinals.

2. Quarterfinals

Once the eight drivers have been found, they will all be given a chance to list their favorite environments in order of preference. Based on their selections, the drivers will be paired up two and two to race against each other on four different tracks (each pair will race one track).

The winner in each group moves on to the semi-finals.

3. Semi-finals

There are now four remaining players. These players will, depending on what group they came from, be placed in two new groups, again paired up two and two. What track they have to race is again based on their previous selection of favorite environments.

The winner in each group moves on to the finals.

4. Finals

The finals, the last stage of the contest, is where the two drivers who have made it this far fights for the title.

The winner of the finals is the winner of the entire contest!

For a better overview of the contest, see this picture:

DC II - Basic Structure Click to enlarge!


There’s a big pot of coppers to be won! The further you make it, the more you’ll win. For each stage you get through successfully, the prize sum grows bigger. Here’s a list of what you get depending of which stage you are eliminated at:

  • Eliminations – 0 coppers
  • Quarterfinals – 250 coppers
  • Semi-finals – 500 coppers
  • Finals – 3000 coppers
  • Winner – 5000 coppers

So in total, 10 000 coppers are up for grabs, and by making it to the quarterfinals, you are guaranteed to win 250 coppers. All coppers are paid by the TMU Blog.


The following is an overview of what is done when:

  • 2nd to 5th of May: Sign-up
  • 6th to 10th of May: Eliminations stage
  • 11th to 15th of May: Quarterfinals
  • 16th to 20th of May: Semi-finals
  • 21st to 25th of May: Finals
  • Between 26th and 31st: Results


Before the actual driving can begin, some participants are obviously needed. You can sign up for the contest simply by sending an e-mail to stating that you want to join the Driver’s Contest. You are required to send this e-mail in order to establish a steady contact connection so you can be reached at a later time for contest purposes.

There’s no entry fee for joining the contest.

So, I hope to see you in the contest, and if any questions occur, don’t hesitate to ask by replying to this thread 😀

A new post regarding this contest will be made once the first round begins!


4 Responses to Driver’s Contest II – 10,000 coppers!

  1. TimeBreaker says:

    i seriously doubt that i could win even the first round, except it is stadium , but i will try 😛 maybe im lucky and only have stadium maps on my way to at least the quarterfinals xD

  2. CMCZeo says:

    Sounds fine, i’m going in 😉

  3. MikoZ says:

    Me 2 but i am sure i got knock out Semi-Finals

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