Press Forward – The Ultimate Trick!

Alcatoris working on a new PF track, already three minutes long with about 12 hours of work in it! Sounds cool? Unfortunately the track isn’t out yet, but Alcator wants to share his ultimate trick on how to make great PF tracks.

What you are about to read is some awesome information, and the TMU blog is proud to be announcing it to the rest of the world. Do you think you’re ready for it? Read the rest of the post to learn the ultimate trick for making PF tracks!

PF Trick

(Click to enlarge)

In this image Alcator has used an empty HP ink cartridge and a spindle with about 10 recorded DVDs which he has placed on the up-arrow on his Chicony keyboard.

And if you’re curious, the towel under the keyboard is there to reduce the noice generated when using the keyboard on a wooden surface.

Now that is a kick-ass trick!

Next post regarding Alcator will be the full story on why Alcator is nowadays a divorced man.


17 Responses to Press Forward – The Ultimate Trick!

  1. Alcator says:

    From my wife:

    “You keep this attitude about our marriage and I’m gonna LOG IN, Jozii!”


  2. Alcator says:

    (BTW, if you’re reading this and are either Verbatim, Hewlett Packard or Chicony representative, please remember that my account number is 01284-1194563/0130 🙂 )

  3. Jozii says:

    LoL and… well, LoL again 😛

    Alcator, send my love to your wife and let her know I mean no harm 😉

  4. JumperJack says:

    hehe, alcator, you got to clean your keyboard sometimes… especially your numpad… 😀

    and… it’s indeed kindda frustrating when you’ve pressed forward for about two minutes, and then release the button for a fraction of a second whereafter you’ve got to start all over again… 😉

  5. Alcator says:

    The keyboard is washed regularly, that spot near Num Enter is the only dirty spot on it 🙂

  6. T_Z_ says:

    Yeah, nice idea Alcator, it may be overweight though

  7. Buchi says:

    Nice Laptop 🙂

    Nearly the same as i use 😉
    I have an Aspire 5020

  8. Alcator says:

    The cartridge is not very stable, of course, so the weight on top of it has to be “a lot”.

    I have Aspire 1690 🙂

  9. Alcator says:

    … and my wife has Aspire 9500 with 17″ widescreen display 😉

  10. TimeBreaker says:

    lol haha i always use my remote control or my calculator 😛
    or i ask my brother “hey , just press this key down and you ll soon earn a euro ” 😀

  11. The Doctor says:

    I use a pair of Visegrip locking pliers and clamp a pice of wood or eraser in the jaws. Then I rest it on the desk with the block on the key. Nice and stable.

  12. micster says:

    Cool, gotta try that so I can enjoy the show. 😀

  13. smok3y says:

    Now thats a pretty darn neat idea Alcator 😀
    people play the game on laptops, I didnt know that, i don’t like the screen display as the colors dont come out very well, and the laptops can’t support high graphics at all, i’ve tried it but never liked it, so its the Desktop PC for me allways 😛
    Now ive gotta make a PF track one day too, havent tried it ever 😛

  14. Alcator says:

    smok3y: My notebook has crystal bright accelerated graphics (PC3 High capable, PC2 used) in 1280×800; I’ve got Radeon X700 accelerator in it with 256 MBs of VRAM and 1GB system RAM.

    Your opinion comes from the fact that usually, people buy notebooks mainly for work, which means they sacrifice graphics to reduce price, but I had the rare opportunity to order a ‘work’ notebook for about 1.700 $ (december 05), which resulted in this Acer Aspire 1690… I assure you, the game plays very well on it 🙂
    Still, I’ll admit anytime that for the same money, I could have got much more powerful desktop PC (I’d go for 2 gigs of ram and some high-end nVidia card, surround sound and 19″ monitor 🙂 )

    I even played Half-Life 2 at high details and even with HDR colors (Lost Coast demo map), but one day an update for the Source engine introduced what is now known as the infamous “Looping sound crash”, and for over a year, Valve weren’t able to fix the problem, so I can’t really play HL2. Lucky you – instead of Half-life, I’m playing and trackmaking for Trackmania 🙂

  15. Alcator says:

    (the PF track in production is now 4.10 long. Getting a bit crowded 🙂 )

  16. alcator says:

    Complete track, not yet fully decorated with scenery etc. – raw footage:

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