Track Review – MidnightMadness2

Just as Micster’s TwistedMachine, MidnightMadness2 was on last weeks TMX Track List. And just as for TwistedMachine, this review will give you some additional information to why MidnightMadness2 was rated as it was (it got an 8.0 in the Track List).

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  • Track: MidnightMadness2 (direct download)
  • Author: Djoszee
  • Type: Race
  • Environment: Stadium
  • Length: 15 sec
  • Mood: Night
  • Custom Content: Signs
  • MidnightMadness2

    First Impression

    Dark midnight racing in a cool Stadium setting. First run was quite cool, but does it last in a broader aspect?

    Track design

    The design of MidnightMadness2 is quite interesting for several reasons. First off, the general feeling is very interesting – the combination of the scenery and the darkness results in an awesome look and makes the overall design appear so much nicer. Of course, this belongs to the Scenery headline, but it does have a great affect on the design as well.

    Second, there are some interesting details. For example, there’s one place I find quite cool with one of those poles with electric light is placed in the middle of the road (no, not the one near the start! The second one, further down the track). This forces the driver to take the turn just before it in a perfect way with accuracy and skill.

    The entire track is platform racing except for a wallride and a halfpipe. These both add to the fun of the track while still maintaining the nice feeling.

    There are also some cool jumps and transitions, and the turns are tight. Another interesting thing is  that the track only has right turns, going in a spiral.

    On the downside, the track is way too short, and not all transitions work that great. Some of the turns are also a bit annoying, forcing you to go outside the natural path a bit in order not to crash. On the other hand it’s good that the track requires high speed, and while it is possible to complete for slower drivers, it isn’t that forgiving. It’s not a difficult track, but it has its challenging spots.

    Rating: 8.0


    I love the scenery! The track look… mysterious in some way. The darkness and combined scenery looks really cool, and the light poles on some parts of the road add to the mysterious feeling. However, I do believe there are some parts that could have looked better, and just the darkness and reflecting light isn’t enough for a perfect score. Really good though!

    Rating: 9.0


    Intro: Decent intro which does show the track and presents the author and track name. However, the text doesn’t always show as it’s written in black and blends in with the dark environment quite easily. That’s a bit annoying, but other than that the intro is good enough.

    In-game: Cam changes.

    Outro: The outro is quite annoying! It has only one fixed angle to the car, although this rotates a lot as the car goes on, which looks quite cool, but is far from enough. It’s ok to use one or only a few of these clips in the outro, but using it the whole way just makes it look like it was created in a hurry (even if a lot of time might have been used on it). Also, the camera goes through scenery, especially at the wallride. Not good!

    Rating: 7.0


    Quite an original style and especially the scenery provides an original feeling. The track it self isn’t extremely original though, and while the track does have some fresh ideas it’s not the most original piece of work. But still, for the cool felling the track gives, it has been awarded with the Innovation Tag (see “Tracks” on the op menu bar).

    Rating: 7.5

    Fun Factor

    A really fun track here as it’s new and interesting. But unfortunately it is way too short to be fun for a long time. The design offers some good possibilities for WR hunts, but to be honest, I wouldn’t drive this track for that long. Fun, but a bit short lived.

    Rating: 8.0


    Interesting dark style, and a cool but a bit flawed design. The scenery is the strength of this track as it’s what provides the cool feeling. The MT work on the other hand is not that good, although not bad either. The originality of the track is the different style and the fact that it’s platform only (except for a wallride and halfpipe), and some of the actual path sections are original too, but overall not extremely original.

    A nice track with cool design, but a bit too short both in length and lifetime.

    Final Rating: 8.0 (very good)


    Does the short length of this track make it better or worse? Would it have been a better track if it was longer? Express your opinion by commenting this post!



    – Ratings range from 1 (bad) to 10 (perfect). 5 is average.

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    8 Responses to Track Review – MidnightMadness2

    1. JumperJack says:

      i think the length is great, it’s really a shorttrack. the originality could’ve been higher, because the way the scenery is used is really original, and also the way that the road is set at the concrety is really original to me too, and even the wallrides… 😉

      and the fun factor is for me amazingly high – wouldn’t wanna think about a longer version of this track, that would’ve been a crime to my fingers and mind… 😀

      i would’ve given it a 8.5-9.5, especially for the originality, but that’s my opinion… 😉

    2. Jozii says:

      I agree that those part you mentioned are original, but that’s also what I have mentioned in the review. I don’t believe the originality rating should be higher, as I don’t find the wallride original at all.

      The fun factor is high, but I wouldn’t make it higher, because after all, this track is pretty much “the same” but with an original touch. It’s very interesting, especially in the beginning, but I don’t find it long lasting.

      But again, what people think of a track is individual, and it’s impossible to define it…

    3. JumperJack says:

      and i agree to your last phrase totally!! 😉

    4. djoszee says:

      nice review jozii, thanks. And I do have to agree about the outro. I picked one cam to show the entire track, I thought that would just be enough for such a shorttrack. Indeed the view on the wallride is crappy. I will improve and make part 3 last a bit longer. Only thing I miss is that there is no information about the previous edition or a small link to it. I enjoyed reading this review and again, I thank you alot 🙂

    5. TimeBreaker says:

      this track is so much fun and you dont even recognize that the track si that short because its so speedy and so many different parts ,even more then on some lonmg tracks : D

      so many ideas and so much action in only around 20 seconds is overwhelming 🙂

    6. Jozii says:

      Well, TB, I have to agree with that… It does contain a lot of action for such a short track!

      Djoszee, the thought of relating to the first track never even occured to me. Please forgive me for that 😛 I will try and remember that for future reviews where a track is a part of a series.

    7. Boy George says:

      Oh wait. Yes, I have. I’m sorry, but I just don’t have it in me right now to type it all out again. Besides, it was just ramblings anyway. You didn’t want to hear me go on and on about this, right?

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