TrackManiac of the Month, Voting – April 2007

Voting for the very first TrackManiac of the Month has begun!

Reminder: You haven’t forgotten our Altered Picture Challenge, have you? If you haven’t participated yet, there’s still time. For those who already have, remember that results are posted on Thursday, at the same time as a new round begins!

Hopefully you all remember the TrackManiac of the Month project started last week. To fully understand this post, please read the introduction post first 😉

Last week the TrackManiac of the Month project was presented, and the first three participants were introduced. This week you get an introduction of the final three participants, along with a few reasons to why you should vote for one of them. Further down this post you also have a description of how voting is done.

So without further delay, let’s get straight to the final three participants:


Female players do exist in the world of TrackMania, but let’s face it: Female players aren’t that common neither in TM nor other computer games. This month Heidi represents the female side of the TM community. So if you want to see a female player receive this title, vote for Heidi!


An active member at TMX where he is not only a great track author, but also a great track awarder! He has produced many great tracks for the TM community to enjoy, and for these tracks he has received countless of awards, but he has also given far more to other track authors.

If you’d like to see an active community member who keeps producing awesome tracks, Andree is your man!


Just as Andree, JumperJack is active at TMX. He is a bit of an all-rounder, and while he doesn’t produce tracks like a bunny produces… well, never mind, the tracks he does produce are all loved by the community! In fact, at TMX, he has an average of 65.75 awards per track (at the time of writing), which is an amazing number!

Additionally, JumperJack is a great driver and he’s knows a thing or two about making vehicle skins.


So there you have ’em! Just to fresh up your memory a bit, here’s a complete list of all nominated players:

  • Smok3y – Great at both making tracks and racing on them, and with a great sense of humor! One of the few TM players who are from India.

  • MrA– One of the top guys at TMX. If he became the TrackManiac of the Month, he would probably have a lot of interesting stuff to tell us!

  • Maupi– One of the most famous skin makers in the TM community! He has a ManiaLink for his skins, and he has even been selected by Deep Silver, the German distributor of TM, to make a special skin for them.

  • Heidi – In this contest, she’s representing the female part of TM. Female players do exist, but they aren’t that common in TM or in the world of computer games in general, so here’s an opportunity to give the female players some credit!

  • Andree – Another TMX member, Andree is one of the best known and most liked track authors. He is also an active member in other ways, being a valuable player to have in the TM community.

  • JumperJack – Not the most productive when it comes to making tracks, but the few he does produce are all masterpieces – you don’t want to miss tracks made by JumperJack! Additionally, he’s a great driver and vehicle skin maker, and he gives more to the TM community than most.

For a more detailed description of the first three members, check the first post.


The only thing remaining now in order to find a winner for this very first round of TrackManiac of the Month is for you guys to vote!

Results are posted next week, and the prize for the winner is a post dedicated to him/her here in the blog. This post will be posted on Saturday the 29th of April.

The nominees with the fewest votes are eliminated from the contest while those with the most votes (except for the actual winner, of course) will get a second chance next month.

Everything clear? Good, then start voting!


24 Responses to TrackManiac of the Month, Voting – April 2007

  1. Buchi says:

    Well, I just wanna lose my opinion about this thing here.

    Imo, many of those nominees are not good for the title “Trackmaniac of the Month”. I dont want to offence someone, but i think, that JJ (who i call a Friend of mine), smok3y (who is a Friend too, also a XT Buddy), Andree (who has all my respect and is also kinda buddy of mine) and Heidi (who I know, like and respect too) are just not the right choices.
    Of course they are active on TMX, but is that a reason to become something “special”? Imo not really.
    Maupi (muaha, I know him too) would be a good choice imo, cause he hosted a great contest in the german community forum. But i think hardly anyone knows that, so i doubt that he has a chance at all.

    The guy who definitly should become the very first “Trackmaniac of the Month” is MrA, without a doubt. What would JJ, smok3y, Andree, me or anyone else do without him? I tell you! We would have tried TMN, raced only for maybe some months and finally stop playing TM at all.

    Well, if I was you Jozii, I would hate to read this comment 😀
    Anyway, I wanna say what i think. Imo, the people nominated here are not really “qualified” to get that title. I would have taken guys, who actually work for the game. Like the guy called JFreu (is it his name?) or Mistral, who has the most visited server and writes amazing server scripts.
    Mappers and awarders arent suitable for this title.

    Please dont hate me guys 😀
    I apologize for my “hard” words, but its just what i think!

    votet for MrA 😉

  2. LordMzn says:

    I agree with Buchi. But please, don’t take it as a personal attack 😉

  3. Buchi says:

    I am pretty sure the Guys here dont take it as Attack 😉

  4. Jozii says:

    Buchi, the only annoying thing about your comment is that you keep apologizing for your opinions. I’m just happy to get feedback like this 😀

    I can see your point, and I’m also aware of the fact that this whole project got a little too much TMX in it (I never got around to advertise it that much), and I will keep this in mind for next month.

    I will also look deeper into who could really deserve this title, because you are right that “simple” mappers and awarders aren’t suitable for the title.

    However, in my defence I must add that YOU, the members of the community (although again, mainly the TMX community), were given the oportunity to suggest people who could deserve this title. Where were you, Buchi, who seems to have a lot of people in mind, when the suggestions for nominations took place?

    So again, I will keep all this in mind for next month, and I will look much deeper in to finding the real people behind it all, those who run websites, forums, servers (and blogs 😛 ) and such, to find those really worthy of this title.

    I appreciate your opinion, and they do help my projects become bigger and better, so no hard feelings 😉

  5. Buchi says:

    Hehe, yes Jozii, you are right. I havent nominated anyone. May be because I havent checked that Thread on TMX very often.
    I actually made up my mind, when I read todays post, so around a quarter of an hour before my post. I read your article and the reasons to vote for people. I recognized that there could have been better nominees 😀

    I hope to make my points of view clear earlier next time 🙂

  6. XTMarkus says:

    jepp buchi and i have to say by all names you nominated above i miss a name…
    Jozii 😉
    `cause without him we would miss a lot of information and competition 2 but i agree in all your and jozii`s points 2 maybe make a mix of it 😀

  7. JumperJack says:

    well, honestly, i do agree to buchi about the fact that mra could be the best option for being the first trackmaniac of the month. without him, we obviously wouldn’t have had the blog, i wouldn’t have made track, i would’ve played Battlefield 2142, or maybe i wasn’t even a gamer anymore… 😀

    and jozii, about female gamers, 44% of all gamers are female, however, not at trackmania at the moment… 😉

  8. Jozii says:

    44% :O Really? Where have you got that information from?

    And I’m already working on next months round, so we’ll see how it all turns out 😉

  9. JumperJack says:

    eheh, research for the gaming industry – school project… 😉

  10. Jozii says:

    Mixing business with pleasure, are we? 😛

  11. insane says:

    hehe 😉
    jsut one remark, with the voting form you’ve got there, it is possible to vote several times…
    hope it isnt needed to say it and nobody will abuse it 😐

  12. Zooz says:

    Heh, it’s more like TMX person of the month. I only know Smokey, MrA and Andree from TMX, Jumperjack from TMX and my team, and I’ve never even heard of Maupi.

  13. Jozii says:

    It’s possible to vote twice? I thought I disabled that 😦 Ah well, I trust people not to abuse the system. I will try and make it better for next month (I can’t disable it now, as that would clear the votes).

  14. Alcator says:

    44% :O Really? Where have you got that information from?

    it’s games like The Sims or Tetris that are played A LOT and that have the majority of active players female. These can seriously affect the overall ratio. You have to understand that 20 shooter games like Quake or Half-life have no chance to “ballance” one “life-game” like The Sims.

  15. woosle says:

    ok, as a female racer as well, i think heidi is a very good choice, as there aren’t not many female players in tmu (i would appreciate more than the 4 i see all the time). i know heidi is very active, even if i don’t know here personally, but i think she’s deserves it.
    rock on, girl!

  16. XTMarkus says:

    hi woosle *wink* 😀
    i know heidi and yes she is active but only for her own goals :S
    maybe i`m wrong and its no offence against heidi but when saw you the last thing she`ve done for another maniac as her self?
    i only see awards of her on clanmates tracks and the only what i see the last time are the “lol maps” wich i personally hate…its nothing about trackbuilding at all! 😦
    and i`m not sure but when had she posted anything here or on TMX forums?
    she`s cool ok…but i think it needs more as only some “lol maps” to deserve this title

    no offence

  17. smok3y says:

    Well I’ll vote for JJ(JumperJack) any day, cause he is one of the best guys i’ve known apart from a few others listed here like Andree, Heidi, MrA, and the rest. Funny, awesome builder, very nice and friendly, and a superb racer!! 🙂

  18. Zooz says:

    Markus wrote:
    “but when had she posted anything here or on TMX forums?”

    I never post on either (except now), does that make me a bad Trackmaniac? :S

  19. XTMarkus says:

    nope Zooz i know you and i like you…
    but i think the trackmaniac of the month should be active everywhere and not only on servers or something 😉
    and zooz..i wrote NO OFFENCE you know?!
    i dunno why you allways react angry on any post after me but i only told my opinion!
    you`ve another…tastes are different

  20. Zooz says:

    Angry? Hmm, I don’t see that :/
    I thought :S was for shocked 😛

  21. Jozii says:

    Markus, Zooz was just making a point, and I have to agree with him…

  22. XTMarkus says:

    sure jozii it doesnt make anyone a bad trackmaniac 😉
    i agree with you both 😀
    but the vote doesnt make sense if some guy`s out there wich make much more work and help much more and be present get that title IMO
    i thought Trackmaniac of the month mean guy`s or even women who helped a lot or trying to do so! and spent time for the game not only online…
    sorry jozii i see i was wrong about it but i cant understand that voting for trackmaniac of the month if anyone can get that title…
    its no offence against you or anyone other but if the rules are so…i cant see the sense of it and sorry jozii but then its a boring vote for find the “unnamed one of the month who plays sometimes TM”

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