Track Review – UTCC Race VII

Written by T_Z_.


First Impression

Usstan has made a smooth and nice track though it’s not very perfect in a lot of aspects…

Track design

The track design is nothing very special here but you can clearly see the way, that’s important. It has also got some nice parts like an X part, tunnels and some very cool minijumps. It’s nothing special but it’s not bad, after all it’s a coast track.

However, due to the way too long length and the lack of originality, the score really can’t be very high.

Rating: 6.5


The scenery is one of the weakest points, when you play you nearly don’t see it since some of it is far away from the roads, but there is some. There’s a part that looks like a village which is too far from the road. During the race you only see two bridges and a section with some houses, the rest is all trees.

Rating: 5.5


There’s only an intro, but I liked the intro. It shows the track with a quick and smooth way and I doubt anyone would play the whole track to see the Outro… I wouldn’t do it myself if I didn’t have to. Since the intro is good the score isn’t horrible, and in-game MT isn’t necessary, which saves it a bit too… But the lack of an outro is of course a downside.

Rating: 7.0


I don’t see anything new here… nothing special at all, except for the GP touch of the track.

Rating: 3.0

Fun Factor

Hmm, the fun factor in this track has a problem, it’s a Lap track and each lap takes a bit more than 1 minute (at least for me) and who would have fun finishing a track with only some smooth jumps and nice turns?

Rating: 5.0


The design is average, the Scenery is nothing special too, just a few houses, bridges and lots of trees, the MT only has an intro (which is quite nice though), the originality is very low. Nothing special here and the fun factor… maybe there are people who would enjoy to play the same race for 3.20 three times in a row…

Final Rating: 5.5 (average)



– Ratings range from 1 (bad) to 10 (perfect). 5 is average.

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3 Responses to Track Review – UTCC Race VII

  1. micster says:

    This review reminds me of those Coast tracks I used to make when I started building Tracks, but I cared about the Scenery. 😛

  2. T_Z_ says:

    Jozii, you said there in MediaTracker: ” But the lack of an intro is of course a downside “, the track has an intro, maybe you do’t consider the GPS an intro, if then, my bad 😀

  3. Jozii says:

    Oh, lol, it should of course say “outro” 😛

    And I hope you don’t mind I added a little to the text about the MT part… I thought only your part of the text didn’t justify the the rating.

    I had also forgotten to add “written by T_Z_”, but I have now 😉

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