Egg Hunt Contest Over!

Hey, the egg hunt ends now! The E-Bunny doesn’t have any eggs left to hide, so it’s time to open the ones you have already found 😀 Remember, each egg contains an amount of coppers, and one contains a jackpot of 2500 coppers, which will be given to the person finding the egg in question. But there’s also one empty egg, and the one receiving this egg will forever have to live with the fact that s/he has been fooled by the E-Bunny! 😉

In total, there were nine eggs at TMX and nine here at the blog. As the E-Bunny is very good at math, he knows that that adds up to a total of 17 eggs 😀

To see where all the eggs were located, check the original Egg Hunt post here at the blog (for blog eggs) as well as the first post in this thread (for TMX eggs).

WINNER (most eggs found): [PDX]Snake55wildcat, 4 eggs

The JACKPOT egg (2500 coppers) was of course the one leading to the E-Bunny’s Website. This egg was also found by Snake55wildcat!

The EMPTY egg was the E-Egg track at TMX. JumperJack was the one finding this egg. Consider yourself fooled by the E-Bunny, JJ 😛

So, all the other eggs contained random amounts of coppers, and in total the sum of these add up to 6000 coppers (including the 2500 copper Jackpot). Here’s a list of who has won how many coppers, and how many eggs each person found:

  1. [PDX]Snake55wildcat, 4 eggs – 3100 coppers!
  2. Tonic_91, 3 eggs – 450 coppers!
  3. Dork, 2 eggs – 450 coppers!
  4. [APT]MegaManX, 1 egg – 400 coppers!
  5. TimeBreaker, 1 egg – 350 coppers!
  6. Kellerkind, 1 egg – 300 coppers!
  7. Bara, 1 egg – 250 coppers!*
  8. Smok3y, 1 egg – 250 coppers!*
  9. Alcator, 1 egg – 200 coppers!
  10. RaVaGER, 1 egg – 150 coppers!
  11. ORA, 1 egg – 100 coppers!
  12. JumperJack, 1 egg – 0 coppers! – FOOLED BY THE E-BUNNY!

*In case of a tie, the one who found his egg first gets the better position.

Congratulations all (except JumperJack 😛 ), and especially to Snake55wildcat, the winner of the contest 😀

E-Bunny out!


11 Responses to Egg Hunt Contest Over!

  1. T_Z_ says:

    gg Snake55Wildcat
    I’ve been out all sunday :S

  2. TimeBreaker says:

    phew its over and at least ive found one egg
    im so happy xD

    big congrats to snake, the winner :O

    wow he mustve found the best eggs if i look at his coppers 😀
    oh and poor JJ 😛

  3. TimeBreaker says:

    you can take revenge on next years egg hunt contest JJ 😛

    btw: so what has the smiley at the bottom to do if hes not an e egg 😛

  4. JumperJack says:

    loooool – found one egg, spend more than an hour to get it, and then i’m fooled by the bunny… 😀

    and beleive it or not, i was on the edge of needing coppers… 😀

    well, no luck in the game, is luck in the love, just like the last three contests i participated in… 😉

  5. Jozii says:

    Too bad JJ 😦 But I had decided that the track was a bad egg from the beginning 😛 Better luck next time 😉

  6. JumperJack says:

    it was been a better egg when you would’ve made the whole track with the tm e-bunny account, made a custom billboard with ‘e-egg” on it, called it just a normal name, and uploaded it on TMX with a normal name with the Jozii account… 😉

  7. [PDX]Snake55wildcat says:

    WOOT! i’m so happy, unlucky JJ, i didn’t expect to win,

    I had lots of fun, and i didn’t expect to get the *SPECIAL* egg

  8. Jozii says:

    JJ, that would have consealed the egg more, but it would also make people who download the track hate my account and the tracks that come with it 😛

  9. Buchi says:

    loooool JJ

    You spent one hour on finding that one? Seems like a veeery big waste of time

  10. Jozii says:

    LoL Buchi, I agree 😛

  11. JumperJack says:

    nooo – i searched for about an hour to find an egg – that one i found in half a minute or something… 😉

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