BCS Mania, Day 2

Day 1 here!

So we continue our BCS Special with another BCS post. Today you get two more track reviews as well as an overview of the BCS website! I think we’ll start out right away with the first review šŸ˜€



Track Design7.0

At first I thought the design was quite stupid, unprofessional and just generally bad.Ā But when you get into the track, you start to realize that the design is actually quite cool. It’s all symmetrical, and the paths are quite well calculated and innovative. The entire track consist of platform pieces and air CPs surrounded by those brownish walls that came with the United selection of scenery. ItĀ provides a sort of magical feeling. And remember: Platform does NOT equal speed! The overall track is actually quite slow with some technical parts (which isn’t at all bad).

However, the design is far from perfect. Sure, it is innovative and has a nice style, but there are plenty of bad things: No variety, bad placement of signs, and just generally poor construction. I have mixed feelings about this one, so therefore the score is a bit average.


The entire track is almost like inside a building due to the platforms and surrounding walls. Quite cool, but it doesn’t give much room for other scenery, which makes the track look too much of the same all over. Quite unique, though.

MediaTracker – 4.5

GreatĀ intro, but unfortunately it doesn’t show the track properly. Cool effects are good, but the intro must also be allowed to do its job.

In-game there’s a decent GPS, but it has it’s flaws with going through scenery and such. I like the fact that there are actually two GPS. As the track is symmetrical and therefore has two routes, there’s one GPS for each direction!Ā Both could have been better though.

There’s no outro šŸ˜¦


The overall design of the track is quite original, with some extra cool sections. The double GPS is interesting too.

Fun Factor8.0

Lord of the Rings is quite an unusual track. You’re probably going to dislike it the first time you race on it, but the more you play the more you’ll learn to like it – quite the opposite of other tracks. It is really fun to race and interesting as it brings a new style of racing – it’s not full speed, it’s not technical, and it’s platform only.


Unusual design with some nice jumps and features. Platform only, yet quite slow and technical. The scenery is a bit poor, and so is the MT, although there are some cool things here as well. Really fun to play and with quite some originality.

Final Rating: 7.0


BCS WEBSITE – Bestcarshaguar.com

BCS has a wonderful website for its members. If you are already a member you are probably quite familiarĀ with it, but for those of you who are new to it, here’s an overview of what’s there:


On the frontpage new visitors will be greeted by a message explaining what BCS is all about. There’s also a news section (both latest news and the most popular news posts), and of course everything on the website isĀ accessible through the menu bars both on the top of the screen as well as to the right.


Of course, as any good team must have, BCS has a forum. This is linked to at the right side of the front page, but unfortunately it’s for registered users (members)Ā only.


On the website you will find a complete list of active members, their status within the team, gender and country of origin.


The website includes a page with plenty of links to other locations around the net. Even if you are not a member, you should checkĀ this section out, as there are plenty of interesting TM relatedĀ links to find – 44 in total!


Whether you’re a member or not, if you ever get bored the BCS website has an excellent page for you with a list of 407Ā online games! You just have to check it out šŸ˜€

FAQ and Contact Info

There’s a (very) short FAQ which might answer your questions. But if not (and it probably won’t), there’s also a contact page with an instant form you can fill in to ask your questions. Viper, the team leader, will answer you as soon as he can!


The website also offers tons of other stuff such as a shoutbox, a list of Team Awards (awards given to outstanding team members), showcase of tracks built by team members, etc. However, a lot of the features are for members only,Ā so to get the full out of the website, apply to become a member of the team šŸ˜€


TRACK REVIEWĀ – TAKE HOFF (Stadium – Duo Track)

Track Design7.0

The overall design is quite simple butĀ nice, but there are plenty of designer flaws! Some loops are quite horrible, to say it simple, but also challenging in a good way. Even the only wallride in the track looks unprofessional, although it too adds to the challenging part.

A lot of the track is old-school driving with some technical parts. It’s interesting and fun to drive, but again not that greatly designed.


The scenery is lacking at many places, while some places are even a bit original and interesting. But overall, it’s nothing special.


The intro is good in the way that it shows the track (in the form of a GPS) as well as an introduction of the authors. However, it’s really unsmooth and poorly made, so it’s not really that good.

In-game there are cam changes in loops and on a wallride.

The outro is a major disappointment! It looses the car a lot, expects you to drive as the one who validated, hits scenery, etc. Not at all good! Some cam changes are decent, though, showing the race in an interesting manner.


The track isn’t among the most innovative, but it does have its original sections. Especially the loops are interesting here. However, overall not that original…

Fun Factor8.0

The track is quite fun in the beginning as it has some tricky sections, and the fun actually lasts for quite some time as this is a great track for WR hunts.


Quite flawed design, but also quite interesting. The ideas are good and well carried out, but this also results in some less good constructions. The scenery is lacking, and the MT work is straight out horrible (although it is there, so that prevents the score from dropping further). When it comes to how fun the track is the score is quite high. You could say that this track combines bad parts with innovative parts, and the result is a challenge you’re almost guaranteed to enjoy!

Final Rating: 7.0


That concludes today’s BCS Mania, and tomorrow you’ll get the last part… I’ll leave the content to be a surprise šŸ˜‰

To be continued…


3 Responses to BCS Mania, Day 2

  1. insane says:

    nice read again, never before noticed i did knew a few ppl who did belong to BCS šŸ˜›

  2. JumperJack says:

    noticed at the track Lord of the Rings, that all air CPs are placed upon each other?! šŸ˜‰

  3. Jozii says:

    Omg, you’re right! How could I miss that? Funny detail šŸ˜›

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