BCS Mania, Day 1

Bestcarshaguar.com is the subject of this three-day special called “BCS Mania”. You will get one post per day, featuring some in-depth views of BCS as well as some reviews of tracks made by BCS members 😀

So what is BCS? BCS (which stands for BestCarShaguar), is a team offering it’s members a fun and friendly environment. It’s lead by [BCS]Viper, who is also the founder of the team, and while the team aims to recruit serious members and good drivers, new TMU players are also welcome as the team is always looking for players with potential.

As any TM player, the members of BCS don’t only race. Obviously they also create their own tracks. The TMU Blog has been asked to review some tracks made by members at BCS, so here’s one track made by [BCS]Viper himself as well as a BCS Community Track:


Track Design7.0

Nice PF start which does look cool the first time, but in the long run it’s unusually long and boring. The track has some really cool jumps and innovative sections, and after having finished it once (which did take quite some time, as it’s quite challenging in the beginning), I was disappointed because I didn’t get to see more of the cool jumps! There’s also a double loop which at the first glance looks extremely unprofessional and ugly, but, once you’ve driven past it, is amazing and breath taking.

On the downside the design doesn’t offer much actual driving. It’s tricky getting past those difficult jumps, but there’s nothing really challenging when it comes to actual driving. A bit of a dilemma here.

Overall the deisgn is really good though, but the main part of that goes under the “Originality” topic below…


The scenery is the worst part of the track. There are some nice scenic sections and even bits of the scenery is innovative, but there are also plenty of parts where the scenery is lacking or flawed.


Amazing intro! Although Viper didn’t do the intro himself (DaveDread did), the intro makes the track really stand out! It introduces the track perfectly with nice camera movements. The only flaw is that the camera goes through scenery sometimes.

In-game there are cam changes in loops, at the PF start and at some cool jumps. Very nice!

The outro isn’t as cool as the intro, it does have it’s flaws (going through scenery again) and it doesn’t give a complete overview of the race as the camera is sometimes zoomed in to much on the car. However, it is an amazing outro, much better than most, and truly beautiful!


This track is extremely original! The design is not much in the sense of racing, but the jumps, the double loop, the PF start, the MT work, parts of the scenery, etc. is just astonishing! The inventiveness in this track is going to be hard to match.

Fun Factor  8.0

The track is extremely fun the first times you play it, almost like a PF track but with some actual driving involved. But just as with real PF tracks, it gets boring in the long run. The PF start in Reverse Psychology is long and boring, and the innovative and cool sections aren’t that cool after having driven it over and over again. Great entertainment, though!


Extremely innovative! The track doesn’t offer much in form of actual driving, but it’s so innovative it’s impossible to dislike it! The scenery is the tracks main downside, while the MT work is amazing! Kind of mixed feelings about this one, but the originality boosts the tracks final score quite a bit.

Final Rating: 8.5 (very good)



Track Design7.0

The design of this community track is quite simple yet fun. It’s sort of a classical online design with some common but very nice features, and some cool jumps. There are some unsmooth parts, though.

The track is also a story track: Austin Powers must stop Dr. Evil! The story makes the track interesting, and there are lot’s of great pictures and sounds. However, the story also ruins the online potentials of the track, as it’s very destracting (pictures and text all over the screen).

For general design though, the track is quite nice but a bit boring in the long run.


There isn’t that much scenery, but enough not to make the track appear too empty. Additionally, the pictures that go with the story must be considered scenery, and they are very nice, so a plus for that!


The intro is decent. Introduces the track, but not as good as it could (or should) have been. 

In-game there are cam changes as well as all the pictures and sound clips for the story. Quite good 😀

The outro is very stylish but also extremely annoying! There are some nice camera angles, but way to often does the camera loose the car, and way too many angles are too close to the car, so the outro isn’t that good at showing the actual race. It’s one of those classical examples where the outro expects the driver to go at the same speed and on the same path as the driver who did the validation of the track.


The track it self isn’t that original, but the story must count towards a bit of originality.

Fun Factor  – 8.0

Very fun and interesting story, and nice pictures and sounds. The track it self is also decent fun, but not that long lasting fun. The story gets boring too in the long run.


Decent design, but what really makes the track interesting is the story. Cool pictures and sounds, adding to both the scenery, MT and originality score. Question is for how long this track will keep you entertained.

Final Rating: 7.5 (good)


  • … that BCS hosts their own contests?
  • … that BCS also have a TMN team?
  • … that BCS creates their own community tracks?
  • … that BCS has over 70 members?
  • … that BCS have their own server? (see comments below)
  • … that the name bestcarshaguar is inspired by the Austin Powers movies?

Tomorrow you’re going to get an in-depth view of the BCS Website as well as a few more track reviews 😀

To be continued…

4 Responses to BCS Mania, Day 1

  1. BCS[Viper] says:

    Just wanted to say a big thank you to the team who have put this together, its refreshing and nice to see committed gaming people who cherish offering constructive critism and forward thinking words. The server name is wrong but apart from that its all fantastic.

    [b]Servers for BCS[/b]
    SHAGstadium – Pure Stadium Fun
    SHAGmania – All environments
    SHAGxtreme – BCS test centre for new tracks and Team challenges


  2. Jozii says:

    Oh, I got the server name wrong :$ I checked it from your website, but I must have missed it/misstyped it/missunderstood it.

    Sorry for thet 😉

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