Track Review – Recycled Bend

Track: Recycled Bend (direct download)

Author: Lord M’zn =ITA= (TMX)

Type: Race

Environment: Stadium

Length: 1 min 15 sec

Mood: Sunrise

Custom Content: Signs, music

Recycled Bend

First Impression

This track is a product of the Big Brother Program at TMX. For those who don’t know, that means the track has been built by a less known author (Little Brother: Lord M’zn) with the help of a more known author (Big Brother: Alcator). In other words, the program aims to help authors build better tracks!

As a first impression, I’d say Lord M’zn has succeeded in making a good technical Stadium track with Alcator’s help. However, succeeding does not mean the track is outstanding…

Track Design

Lord M’zn has managed to put together a nicely designed technical track. The technical aspect is quite good, but the key to a good technical track is not to surprise the driver with sudden sharp turns, but to make a chain of nice technical sections which run smoothly and doesn’t cause the driver to crash out of surprise (if s/he crashes, it should rather be out of poor driving – you want to challenge the driver’s skills, not his ability to predict the future).

The track has some nice sections, some cool jumps and great technical parts all chained together nicely, but there is some fine tuning needed. I like the crowdedness of the track, especially at a place where the track looks like it’s inside a building (a lot of the track is in here, which adds to the feeling, but my favorite place is a platform section, which too is quite technical) – it adds to the technical feeling and brings out the best of the track, but to be honest, the track does get boring quite quickly.

Nice finish, cool split section and great platforms. Some well calculated jumps.

Additionally, the track is quite challenging both because of the technical aspects, but also because some sections are hard to take perfectly. The technical design should be good for WR hunts.

Rating: 7.5


The scenery seems OK at the first look, and as said before I like the “in-door” sections, but in the long run the scenery gets a bit a boring. There’s no real innovation in the construction of scenery, and some sections look a bit empty. Overall quite nice, though.

Rating: 7.0


Intro: Cool intro which shows the track and presents the author and his Big Brother. Not truly spectacular, but it does it’s job quite good.

In-Game: Cam changes in loops and a good GPS.

Outro: Very good cam changes. Not exaggerated, still some cool angles. I like it a lot.

Overall the MT is not bad, but not spectacular either. Additionally, I dislike the fact that Alcator, the Big Brother, has made all the MT work. Of course, this is not what I’m supposed to judge here, but it would have been cooler if Lord M’zn has made the MT himself – after all, MT is a part of the track creation process.

Rating: 8.0


There are some nice original parts, some cool jumps, some of the technical sections. There’s nothing truly original, but there are plenty of minor original details here and there.

Rating: 7.0

Fun Factor

Generally a very fun track, and it should be cool for long WR hunts, but online would work as well (I’m only worried about the more crowded sections – many would probably experience lag there). If you’re not interested in hunting for WR’s though, this track will probably be short lived. You’re going to love it the first few times, especially if you like technical style, but in the long run it’s not an extremely fun track.

Rating: 7.0


The design of the track is very good, and the jumps and technical sections are well planned, although some parts are a bit unsmooth and surprising. The scenery is decent, and so is the MT work (in fact, I like the MT work a lot because it does a good job, but overall it’s not spectacular). If you’re in to technical tracks and like WR hunts, you’re going to love this track, but if not you’re most likely going to get bored quite quickly.

Final Rating: 7.5 (good)



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– Ratings range from 1 (bad) to 10 (perfect). 5 is average.

– Due to many reviews ahead, review requestes are not accpeted for the time being. Hopefully this feature will be back in business soon.


4 Responses to Track Review – Recycled Bend

  1. LordMzn says:

    nice review. i think the final rating is right, and in the future i will pay attention to not surprising people 😉

    anyway, i hope i will do better in the future! 😛

  2. Jozii says:

    I think the track was good, and don’t worry too much about the “surprising” part, just make sure your technical tracks still have a nice flow and a smooth path and everything will be just fine 😉

  3. [PDX]Snake55wildcat says:

    2nd comment here, 2nd egg 😀

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