April Announcements!

The TMU Blog is constantly growing, and I’m really happy about how things are working out. April will be a bit special, though, so today I thought I’d bring you an overview to what is going on and what you should expect in the coming weeks 😀

The release of United in stores throughout the globe is revealed through an increasing amount of people who read the TMU Blog. This is of course great news in many ways, but the increasing amount of players and the fact that older players now have an increased amount of coppers they have no use for is causing some problems.

Here are some things you should note and expect for the coming three weeks or so:

1. As it is now regarding future posts here at the blog there are enough track reviews scheduled to last for about three weeks (if one review is posted every day – and usually I try to avoid that in order not to bore you guys with reviews). I’m thrilled with the activity and rate of participation, but this long waiting time for requested reviews to appear in the blog is of course not that appreciated by you who have made the requests. But know this: If you have requested a review, it WILL appear!

However, this entire situation forces me to refuse requests for the time being. In other words:




I apologize for this, but it’s the way it has to be for now.

2. The amount of track reviews also brings me an increased amount of work with the blog. Track reviews take a lot of time to write, and to be honest, they’re not my favorite topics to write about, so for the coming weeks I’ll need some help! If you are fairly good at written English, and if you are interested in writing one or several track reviews for the TMU Blog, e-mail Jozii@pp.inet.fi! I’ll then give you a track name and a deadline as to when I need the review to be done.

3. April will also bring some special events to the blog (at least if everything goes as planned). Starting tomorrow and lasting for three days we have a BCS Mania event planned (BCS = BestCarShaguar). No, it’s not a contest, it’s a series of posts dedicated to BCS – check their website here!

These posts (one per day) will contain: Shorter reviews of some tracks made by BCS members, a description of BCS, website walkthrough, etc. It would also be cool to include an interview or two with members of BCS, so if you are a BCS member, please e-mail Jozii@pp.inet.fi – I’d like to talk to you 😀

As another special event, I’ve considered a Track Review special to shorten the review quing time a bit – basically, this would mean an extra amount of reviews posted during a shorter period of time. Nothing has been decided yet, though.

4. Two days ago a new project was started here at the blog: TrackManiac of the Month! Posts related to this project will appear three more times this month, and I’m quite sure you’ll enjoy reading these posts.

As always Alcator will also entertain and educate you with some great guides and articles the coming Tuesdays. I can already now say that there’s a lot of interesting stuff to look forward to there 😉

And of course, once a week we’ll bring you some nice screenshots to enjoy, and twice this month the TMX Track List will appear.

So in other words: April will be a month packed with great stuff! Now have a great Easter everyone 😀


4 Responses to April Announcements!

  1. Hubby says:

    WOW .. this blog is getting better and better everytime ! Jozii if i i had some good writing skills i would love to help you out with some track reviews but i’m not that good in expressing some things i wanna say in (good) english. If there’s any other way i can help get this site better and bigger just let me know 😉

  2. Dutchman says:

    This reminds me that I’m judging 90 tracks at the moment – all contributions to the Deep Silver Manialink Trackbuilding contest launched at the german TM-Forum one month ago. 😉

    As for me, i ordered a track review at TMU blog just to get more attention for my tracks – and although i had to wait 3 weeks, it was a great success! (well-worth the coppers would be typical britsh understatement 😉

    But once i got into TMU Blog i started reading more and discovered very interesting and funny things and i will stay with the TMU Blog (at least as a regular reader). The announcement looks very promising, especially the “trackmaniac of the month”!

  3. djoszee says:

    I answered your question in a pm on tmx 🙂

  4. Jozii says:

    Hubby, there are always ways to help! Best one is to link to the blog at forums and such 😀 I get a lot of traffic from normal forums where someone has either linked to a post in the blog to prove a point or just generally advertised the blog 😀 If the german TM forum can provide 90 tracks for Dutchman to judge in a contest, perhaps someone who speaks English could mention the blog there? 😉

    I’m currently experiencing some e-mail problems. Hopefully this will be solved by tomorrow, but just in case, I’m currently easier to get hold of through the TMX PM system or in-game. So if you want to write a review, try to reach me there 😀

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