Save Your Breath

Tonic_91 and JuneRaT have knocked their unnaturally large heads together and produced a very innovative and challenging duo track called Save Your Breath! This track was included in the TMX Track List earlier this week, where it achieved the best score among all the tracks on the list.

The track it self, set in the Stadium environment, has some quite interesting, innovative and challenging sections, and it’s packed with full-speed action! In more detail, the track features several jumps, three loops, a wallride, a corkscrew and an off-road section. There’s also complete MT and custom music.

Save Your Breath

Here are some quotes from awards given to this track at TMX:

“Fantastic duo track!” – T_Z_

“Flow and transition is wonderful” – TYZZ

“Scenery is just AWESOME!!!!” – Sk84funPrzemo

“Amazing speed and cool combos” – Markus…

“Brilliant execution of ideas” – Smok3y

So what are you waiting for? Download the track now!

Save Your Breath — Direct download here!


2 Responses to Save Your Breath

  1. Sk84funPrzemo says:

    Sorry but there is little mistake 😛 My nick name is Sk84funPrzemo not S84funPrezemo 😛 😀

  2. Jozii says:

    LoL, I’m sorry 😛 It’s a difficult name to wirte 😛

    Mistake corrected 😀

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