Track Review – Killer Island

This track was on yesterdays TMX Track List, so many of you already know its final rating, but here’s a complete review of the track for you to enjoy and the author to learn from 😉 

Track: Killer Island (download)

Author: [RX] Alselius (TMX)

Type: Race

Environment: Island

Length: 45 sec

Mood: Day

Custom Content: None

Killer Island

First Impression

A bit unsmooth, but seems like quite a nice tracks.

Track Design

The design of the track isn’t at all bad. Everything a decent Island track requires is there: Broad high-speed areas, skidding sections, Island-style loops, etc. Island tracks tend to be open and take up a large area, but this one is a bit more complex while still maintaining a fair speed. Some sections are due to the complexity a bit unsmooth though, and you need to learn the track to master these sections fully (which can be taken as a good thing, but for a track to be really good smooth driving should be obtained even on the first race).

There are also some other a bit annoying parts, such as one of those half loop/wallrides (I don’t know hwo to define it – it’s kind of like a wallride but also a bit like a loop with a twist, very common in Island) where you are first tricked to believe you need to go right (due to an aditional loopblock which could have been removed), when in reality you need to take a sharp turn left.

I also didn’t like the start to begin with (a bumpy down-hill slope), but I’ve learned to at least think it isn’t horrible.

The overall design is decent, but the unsmooth sections and parts where it seems that the track hasn’t been completely thought through lowers the score.

Rating: 7.5


Despite the fact that scenery isn’t lacking, it seems boring somehow. Personally I like the Island scenery blocks a lot, and the complexity of this tracks allows for the track it self to work as part of the secenry (which is generally good), but somehow the scenery doesn’t really look that appealing.

However, it’s there and it does keep the track from looking empty, so it does what it’s supposed to, roughly speaking.

Rating: 7.5


Intro: Quite nice, introduces track and author in a stylish way and shows the track through various camera angles. The angles tend to be a bit too zoomed in though, so the intro gives some nice pictures rather than a complete overview of the track. 

In-Game: Cam changes in loops.

Outro: Exaggerated use of trails and poor camera angles (fixed to the car which normally gives cool effects but ruins the point of an outro (which is to give an overview of the race)). The effects are nice to look at, but the camera tends to collide with scenery and sometimes the car is even lost for longer times than what can be accepted. The outro is there, and it isn’t that horrible, so I can’t give a poor rating, even though I really don’t think it’s that good…

Rating: 7.0


Nothing really original, besides the complexity of an Island track. Some transitions are nice and fresh ideas though, which saves the score a bit.

Rating: 5.0

Fun Factor

Killer Island is quite fun to drive and should be nice for some WR hunts, but it doesn’t take long before you’re through with it. It’s nice the first couple of times, but I doubt this is something you’ll get back to at another time.

Rating: 7.0


The design is quite good but with some unsmooth parts. The scenery is good too, but not perfect. There’s a good intro but a flawed outro. The track is quite fun to drive, but the fun isn’t really that long lasting…

Final Rating: 7.5 (good)



– Ratings range from 1 (bad) to 10 (perfect). 5 is average.

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