Track Review – DMs Rally Short

Track: DMs Rally Short (download)

Author: Dutchman (TMX)

Type: Race

Environment: Rally

Length: 30 sec

Mood: Sunset

Custom Content: Signs

DMs Rally Short

First Impression

Only 600 coppers, only 38 seconds of racing, an equally short outro (well, obviously), and a much shorter intro. Short of imagination when it comes to the title as well 😉 At least it’s not short of awards at TMX, and to be honest, the first drive was a blast 😀

Track Design

So in case you didn’t get it in the first paragraph, this track is really short. But that doesn’t ruin the track. In fact, I think the “smallness” of this track makes it even better. For such a low-copper track, it really isn’t bad at all. The design is kind of old-skool, but it’s ideal for online play and WR hunts.

Turns are smooth (which they’re not in many other Rally tracks) yet technical, providing some great racing. The track is varied with dirt paths, asphalt, bridges and rides on walls. For such a short track, it really doesn’t lack anyththing.

Oh wait, perhaps it does: It doesn’t feature too many stunts! There are some nice jumps which keeps the track from being boring, but there aren’t any really cool or special stunts. But then again, if it did have such sections, it wouldn’t have that little touch of old-skool perfect-for-online as it does now.

There really isn’t much more to say about the design. It’s a really good design, and I like it a lot! Exciting, yet not over-stunty.

To mention something I dislike though, there’s one annoying section where you go from ground level to a bridge. If you’re not prepared, you will loose the smoothness of the track, or even fall down from the bridge.

Rating: 9.0


Despite the low ammount of coppers, DMs Rally Short doesn’t really lack any scenery. The scenery is quite neutral but nice looking, and while it doesn’t bring anything new, it keeps the track from being just an empty path, which is what the scenery is there for, right? However, for a better score, some more innovation would be needed.

Rating: 8.0


Intro: Short, so it doesn’t really show the track properly unless you really pay attention. There’s also a picture in the beginning, which I don’t know if I should love or hate; it takes up more than half of the screen in an already too short intro, but then again it does add a unique touch. Also, the intro lacks innovation, just as the scenery does.

In-Game: Nothing included, nothing needed.

Outro: Quite decent, but far from really good. There are some sections where the author assumes you drive at the same speed as the validation replay, which is obviously a mistake.

Rating: 6.5


Nothing original, really. This is a track consisting of old ideas, which doesn’t make it bad, but doesn’t bring anything new either.

Rating: 3.0

Fun Factor

DMs Rally Short is by no means a boring track. Sure, the style is old and well-known, but the design is good and near to flawless. There isn’t much of innovation or originality, but old-style tracks work too. Simply a fun track to drive!

Rating: 8.5


Well designed and with decent scenery. MT and originality lacks a bit, but the track is still a lot of fun to drive.

Final Rating: 8.0 (very good)



– Ratings range from 1 (bad) to 10 (perfect). 5 is average.

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5 Responses to Track Review – DMs Rally Short

  1. Hubby says:

    This is such a wonderful track , one of my fav Rally tracks for sure !

  2. Alcator says:

    Gotta ask the reviewer: What kind of stunts would you expect in Rally? Because Rally has no stunt-launching-tiles besides jumps… ?

  3. Jozii says:

    Maybe stunts is the wrong word… Some more, well, eventful jumps? Like the ones you have in Alc-O-Holand, Alcator, or the cool jump in Village Idiots 2. Somthing like that.

  4. Dutchman says:

    THX for your review! You caught the spirit of the track very well.

    It is indeed oldstyle, cause it was edited for TMU from a track released more than a year ago. In TMO, short tracks were aspecial challenge for builders. I build a little group of them an named them “DMs short ….” to seperate them from my standard and long tracks. I set my limits for short track to 600 coppers and 40-45 seconds of racetime. The challenge in building such tracks is to make them interesting and create a nice & almost complete scenery.

    My intention was to build a short, easy- but-fun-to drive rally track suitable for beginners, but offering enough challenges for experienced drivers. I also wanted to build a rally track for driviers, who normally dislike or even hate rally – lots of comments on this track in the german TM forum read like “i normally hate rally, but i love this track!” 🙂

  5. Jozii says:

    I think you succeeded on all of those goals 😀

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