Track Review – BrotherHood

Written by Hastings.

Track: BrotherHood (download)

Author: RKO 90 =ITA= (TMX)

Type: Race

Environment: Stadium

Length: 1 min

Mood: Sunset

Custom Content: None


First Impression

I still know from Nations that =ITA= is or was at that time sort of a hardcore Stadium clan, very fast and often present in the top rankings. To be frank, at first I didn’t expect much though. But this quickly disappeared, because it has at the time of writing 24 awards and it is a product of three authors under the hood of the BigBrother program (at TMX), with F07Markus and s8ndm8n as big bros. On a first run, the track looks OK, while it is not breath-taking.

Track Design

BrotherHood is a full speed track, so it is possible to drive all the way to the finish without releasing the gas. It is a well-calibrated, well-timed mixture of proven and reliable elements of popular Nations and United Stadium tracks, namely: straight small jumps, loopings and banked platform turns.

The start features an uphill section of bends with a straight jump on a boost and a looping. This first part is the most difficult part, because it takes you time to find the ideal no-brake line. Only if you have the right speed here, the jump is perfectly smooth. All other following jumps are also like this, but many of them allow you more freedom, which I like.

After the first section, you will barely ever leave the 400 km/h zone. That sounds slow, but it does not feel slow, because RKO changes the ground pretty fast and set of blocks and built up a scenery you’ll pass by at a felt speed of 600 km/h.

A banked platform turn comes before a jump into a looping which is followed by a small, yet another time smooth jump on a street, a turn to the left and another banked turn.

A nice detail is that two loopings you drive meet off-road in a crossroads.

It is all easy to drive and navigate. No GPS or walls of signs needed. That’s comfortable and fun. Next time you know where to cut turns and gain perhaps some time.

Then a long transition to a wide 90° wallride follows, with a double looping afterwards. A jump on a banked platform turn (I should invent an abbreviation for this… BPT?) and a final jump into the finish follows.

There are always wide spaces which are comfortable to drive. This makes a run easy, but not relaxed, due to the speed.

Overall, the track design is absolutely flawless, no traps, no tricky bends, everything is fair, fluent and smooth to the utmost. The diversity is high, the pace is fast. In contrast to other, more innovative tracks though, it wasn’t really a building challenge because of the use of “old”, proven track elements.

Rating: 8.0


The scenery looks very good. It’s neither excessive nor dull-looking, but accompanies the entire track very well and even guides you a bit.

There are only few pieces that you don’t see at all and are thus unnecessary.

Rating: 8.5


Intro: Camera flies over the track and announces the authors. Short and smooth, but a bit too fast.

In-Game: Camera changes at the loopings and wallrides. Works well.

Outro: Not good. The camera is always centred on the car and zooms in much, plus it’s all rather bumpy. You don’t see much of the track.

Rating: 6.5


I can’t find anything truly original, really. It’s all been there before. I like some fast-paced, natural-feeling combinations though.

Rating: 4.0

Fun Factor

For all those who look for a simple, old-skool Stadium drive for your braking fingers or a tight WR hunt, this is definitely fun, yet not mind-blowingly awesome track motivating you for reruns and hunts for the medals and the author time. But also those who may be disappointed by the lack of innovation are going to like the scenery and the flawless design. It should be definitely fun online, despite the difficult first section.

Rating: 8.5


A well-designed and fun Stadium track which is good for online, but definitely lacks innovation.

Final Rating: 7.5 (good)



– Ratings range from 1 (bad) to 10 (perfect). 5 is average.

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One Response to Track Review – BrotherHood

  1. XTMarkus says:

    thx a lot hastings for that great review 😎
    btw.: s8ndm8n was only in the intro 2 because he was with me the founder of the BBproject 😉 but no matter
    a 7.5 is more as i had exoected `cause the BBproject was in the beginning and i tried to help RKO in some general things with that track and i`m sure it helped him..

    THX a lot hastings

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