Question Quest – Environmental Issues

We return once again with a new Question Quest (the 4th one), and hopefully this one will be just as popular as any of the previous ones 😉

The task this time: Match the correct environment with the correct description!

Environmental Issues

The Environments:

  • Desert
  • Rally
  • Alpine
  • Island
  • Bay
  • Coast
  • Stadium

The Descriptions:

1. In this environment you’ll be taken on rides in a strange mix of casual holiday-style relaxed racing (although as a tourist, of course you have to be extremely fast to see as much as possible) to difficult and “do-as-I-say” military exercises.

2. There’s nothing like a hot summer evening for an American, cruising through the open landscape towards the sunset. The asphalt is still too warm to step on, but the evening wind is cool, and there’s a lovely smell of burned rubber in the air. Watch out though, or you might have to pull a few splinters out of your fingers.

3. “The harbor? Just turn left by that tall building, drive through the park, take the first ramp to the right, and finally turn left after the third roof jump. You simply can’t miss it!”

4. 3-2-1 RACE!

5. This environment can make you feel like an emperor (if you’re good enough) or like a small, unsuspecting European victim – it all depends on whether you’re good at negotiating or not.

6. While not the fastest, the acceleration of your professional looking vehicle is among the best. Bumpy rides through (old fashioned) scenery, great wallrides (literally) and roads that gives the feeling of being off-track.

7. If you’re new, this is most likely going to be your most hated environment, but once you’ve mastered it, you are sure to love it. Speed is not lacking – you just have to learn how to maintain it!

This shouldn’t be too hard, so to find a winner even if a tie is reached, here’s a tie-breaker question:

  • What is the current record of a one-time donation of coppers to the TMU Blog (donations made after this post are not counted)?

For each correct answer you provide, you earn 10 coppers. If you also get the tie-breaker question correct (even if it’s not required to determine a winner), you earn an additional 150 coppers.

Send in your answers (the seven environments and the number of their matching description + an answer to the tie-breaker question) to

Deadline: Friday 23rd (only two days).

The results of the contest will be posted on Saturday. Have fun 😀


13 Responses to Question Quest – Environmental Issues

  1. insane says:

    great another QQ 😀
    give me a second and ill send you the solutions 😛

  2. Alcator says:

    some are pretty tough.

  3. insane says:

    dunno, thought it was an easy one this time 😉
    answers sent

  4. micster says:

    Answers sent as well.

  5. Jonkster says:

    yup a bunch of answers sent in for me also! 🙂

  6. JumperJack says:

    and mine are send to – a great QQ again!! 😉

  7. Jozii says:

    Thanks for the many great answers. Surprisingly many of you got at least some wrong though, so maybe it wasn’t too easy after all 😛

  8. TimeBreaker says:

    as long as you can justify your answers, you are right
    i have to know that^^

    and btw: never discuss with jozii about the qq, after it you will be even more confused and take them all wrong 😉

  9. micster says:

    The questions are pretty good, some of which are obvious and some of which aren’t.

  10. Jozii says:

    TimeBreaker, you were asking me to help you CHEAT 😛 Getting you more confused was just a part of my evil masterplan to take over the world 😛

    And here’s a little hint for the rest of you in case you didn’t get it: TimeBreaker did NOT succeed very well 😛 – And probably I’m to blame for that. I honestly think TB would have done much better if we hadn’t had that little conversation. That’s what you get for asking questions I obviously can’t (or rather won’t) answer 😉

  11. TimeBreaker says:

    cheating is such a mean word… lets say a little hint for a donation 😀

    but i will memorize that i shouldnt ask jozii again^^

  12. Jozii says:

    Feel free to ask me any time 😉 But be prepared, cause you never know what you’re gonna get in return 😛 Muhaha!

  13. […] Issues Results A few days ago a fourth version of the popular Question Quests was started – Environmental Issues. This QQ as now ended, and this post is dedicated to the announcement of the […]

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