Origin of Illness

So I started playing this track as I always do when I’m supposed to review or advertise a track here at the blog. However, today I started early in the morning, as I had some spare time before going to school. Despite not being completely awake yet, I really enjoyed the great speed in the track (Foolie, the author of the track, must have been quite tired as well when he made the track, as the name is extra true at such times), racing on an excellent platform, but it didn’t take long until I crashed at what is, if you’re not too slow as I was this morning, a very fast yet smooth loop. Well, time was up and I had to leave for school…

Half way through the school day, just after lunch (school food – another source to Foolie’s name of the track?), I didn’t have a class for an hour, so I decided to go home for the hour instead of hanging around at school. Once at home, I turned on the computer (god, it sounds like I’m always in front of the screen!) and thought for a while whether to write a few lines on that philosophy essay I have to finish by next Friday, or play TrackMania. The choice was obvious.

So I made another attempt at Origin of Illness (which isn’t at all a difficult track, btw – I’m just a terrible driver 😛 ), and this time I made it a bit further. But: Then a very nice and smooth jump appeared, a jump that any noob can complete without any difficulty at all. Of course I crashed. Well, at least I made the loop this time, I thought before heading back to school.

Later, when I came home after school, the first thing I did was sitting down to finish this track. Now I’ve got the time to drive it until I finish it, I thought as the 3-2-1 counter worked it’s magic on the screen.

I got through the first platform and the loop that follows it, then the second platform, the noob-friendly jump, the second loop, the third platform, and then it happened again. I was going too fast at a section which is like a small wallride (or at least built up by those loop/wallride starting blocks) and didn’t manage to make the left turn.

Well, no harm done, let’s try again! And so I did, and this time I managed to take the turn problem free. But in the excitement I forgot to turn at all in the next section >.< ‘Nuff said.

Third try in a row then, and this time I made it past the little wallride section, and the section following that, and another platform section after that… Things were going really great, perfect flow and speed, and the track really showed it’s best side (which is indeed a good side).

As the finish line appeared, as the figure of a red dot a platform section away, I got really happy. I was finally going to make it! And what happens? The #&¤!# computer crashes!

I give up for the time being, leaving to have some dinner instead.

Later in the evening I retured with new hopes, and things worked really great. I actually made it really far on the first attempt, but then i crashed at the finish line, falling to the ground under the finish line instead of through it. Next try was better, and I managed to finish the track. Great music started playing to my honor, friends and family surrounded and congratulated me, balloons fell from the ceiling, and the Danish queen came to visit me 😀

Suddenly, this track that had annoyed me all day was actually fun, interesting and a great experience! I loved the track, it seemed to love me, and in fact we are heading for our honeymoon as soon as I hit the “post” button.


So what was the point of telling you all this? Well, Origin of Illnessis a wonderful track, which I hope you all will download and drive, and award at TMX (unless you really don’t like it). And trust me: Except for rare cases like myself, it really is a noob friendly track 😉

Origin of Illnes Screenshot

Origin of Illness: Good for online, great for WR hunts, awesome speed and design, plenty of nice platform sections, cool loops, and load of fun!

Origin of Illness, by Foolie (direct download here).

Enjoy the track 😀

8 Responses to Origin of Illness

  1. insane says:

    lol, great article jozii 😛
    havent tried the track yet tho, but it sound promising 😀

  2. Jozii says:

    It should be great for WR hunts at TMX, as it has nice platform sections where it’s easy to improve your time, and the high speed makes it great to drive 😀

    It does lack originality, though, but it doesn’t really matter! 😀

  3. djoszee says:

    The track is good. I got my hands on it in an earlier stage, and I tuned some of the scenery. Foolie posted the untuned version, but that one is still good (although it has too much coppers imo) The track aint hard and is good for onlineplay 🙂

  4. TimeBreaker says:

    lol as i saw the screenshot i thought: this must be a screen by smokey, i was 100% sure 😀

  5. Foolie says:

    😀 nice review Jozii, to be frank I thought of the name after having chosen the music (a small reference to my cantin food to xD )

    you aren’t a great racer the must be siad, if it took you 10 times to finish it, but I’am glad you’re on your honeymoon

    @Djoszee the version you did is going to come out, but it will be for severs..

  6. Foolie says:

    + EDIT: what grade do you give the track xD

  7. Jozii says:

    Foolie, I’m not THAT bad a racer. I’m not that bad on every track I drive, and I’m honestly normally much better even at more difficult tracks. That’s why I wanted to write down this story and post it here; I wouldn’t have done that if it would happen every single time I race a track 😛

    Also, about the rating, this is more like an advertisement, so I wasn’t going to rate it, but considering the fact that you sent addttional coppers after you paid for an advertisement, I’ll give you a rating anyway 😉

    But I have to test the track again and refresh my memory… I’ll get back later.

  8. Jozii says:

    Ok, so in a more constructive critisism point of view, I think the track is a bit boring in the long run, as there’s many platform parts. Also, the scenery can be a bit dull.

    However, the track is really fun and great and should be good for online, and I see no reason to why this track should get a low score. The smooth design is great!

    That was short, but here’s your rating: 8.0 😀

    I’ll also add the track to the list of reviewed tracks, although this wasn’t really a review 😉

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