Track Review – A Magic Minute

Track: A Magic Minute (Download)

Author: Swensen (TMX)

Type: Race

Environment: Stadium

Length: 1 min

Mood: Night

Custom Content: None

A Magic Minute

First Impression

Swensen has become somewhat of an awesome Stadium track author (just look at his tracks at TMX), but does he deliver this time as well? So far it looks good…

Track Design

A Magic Minute has an awesome design, mixing all kinds of Stadium features. Asphalt, off-road and blue-tile roads are all there (only dirt is missing, but if that’s good or bad is just a matter of taste), all very well placed and calculated, resulting in an awesome design.

There are some well-calculated jumps which must be taken at the right speed to complete perfectly, yet most can be taken by slower drivers as well. Technical sections makes this a track suitable for online and WR hunts, while more speedy sections do exist. The overall style truly is magical.

There are also some quite original sections, while the classical ones such as loops and wallrides also are there, and this combination increases the fun of the track further.

In fact, this track has such a brilliant design, I’m ready to give it a perfect rating! Rating: 10.0


A bit sparesome at places, but to be honest this is not a problem. The style of the scenery is just great! Sections are looking good and doesn’t repeat themselves, the scenery is always there, yet not over-used. The track has a magical feeling due to the placement of scenery. Rating: 9.5


Intro: Short, doesn’t do what it’s supposed to, but is still quite good looking. Average.

In-game: A funny/interesting text clip (and camera change) if you makea mistake in the beginning, and a cam change in a loop. Nothing really spectacular, but it does it’s job. Also, on a wallride, there’s no cam change, but to be honest it isn’t really needed here.

Outro: Very good. Shows the race with some really nice camera angles, and doesn’t over-use any special effects.

Great MT work most of the time, but the intro isn’t quite as good as it should be! Rating: 8.5


A Magic Minute has quite a few minor yet original sections which are simply great! Original jumps, original off-road parts, original style… Simply, this is an original track in the sense of details. Rating: 8.5

Fun Factor

Whether you race this track online or in solo mode, you will without doubt get a lot of fun out of it. It’s simply an amazing track with an amazing design, and that alone is enough to keep you playing for quite some time. Additionally, the scenery is so good you’ll drive a few extra rounds just for that.

The fact that the track is technical makes it a good track for beating records, yet it’s designed to allow slower players to be able to complete it as well, which results in the track being fun for everyone. The only type of player that might not want to drive this track over and over again is the kind that want extremely difficult tracks, because this is not a product of that type. Rating: 9.5


Extremely well designed, very original, has a sense of detail, is suitable for both online and offline, extremely fun to play, simple but brilliant scenery and decent MT work… Do i need to say more?

Final Rating: 9.5 (excellent)



– Ratings range from 1 (bad) to 10 (perfect). 5 is average.

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