Track Review – Hurricane

Track: Hurricane (Download)

Author: Hastings (TMX)

Type: Race

Environment: Stadium

Length: 45 sec

Mood: Night

Custom Content: None


First Impression

Fast. Very fast. But still quite tricky, which is a good thing. The design looks original too, but we’ll see how it is in detail…

Track Design

Hurricane is one of the fastest Stadium tracks I’ve ever seen. Yet it also have it’s difficult sections, like any good track should – a bit too much, perhaps, and many will probably get frustrated over this track. The design, scenery (many coppers), and difficult parts all make this track not suitable for online play, but in Solo mode, it’s a blast!

The design is very smooth, consisiting of speedy asphalty parts, wide platform sections, great off-roading, and some quite tricky stunts – including a very long wallride/jump and a corkscrew with a twist to it. Transitions are very innovative and interesting, adding a bit to the design score.

The asphalt parts have a technical style, yet the turns can all be taken at full speed. The technical look and the fast feeling shows that the author has cared for what blocks have been used and where they have been placed. However, some more straight sections exist. At these sections, great speed is achieved, but the design isn’t quite that innovative or interesting.

The off-road parts – both dirt and grass – are very well done and add to the variety of the track. Overall a very nice design, but which could use some details to make it have a better driving feeling. Rating: 9.0


The scenery is very nice, especially the lights. Night tracks usually look very cool in Stadium, and in Hurricane the lights have been especially well placed. As a little detail, there are some building blocks casting lights at the first wallride, which looks very cool.

Unfortunately, a lot of the scenery is “broken” (like, flying objects (even worse than what’s normal), poles just ending in the air, etc.). This of course isn’t a major issue, but it makes the overall picture of the track appear a bit unprofessional and only half finished.

Additionally, considering the many coppers used (4700), the scenery looks a bit sparesome at places. Of course, as the track is full speed, it is also longer than usual, so many coppers must have been used for that. Longer speedy parts could have been made more interesting, however, if the scenery was placed differently. Rating: 8.5


The MT work is quite decent. What’s worth mentioning is that the intro adds a bit of a “story feeling” (although the track isn’t really a story track), and this is quite interesting. This also explains the name of the track – test the track and you’ll understand.

Also worth mentioning is that cam changes in-game work fine, but there are some places (like wallrides), where cam changes are not included. This adds to the challenge, but in this case I think most would prefer if they were included.

There’s also a GPS, which unfortunately is quite unsmooth. A little interesting touch, though, is that the GPS also displays the speeds you’ll (most likely) have at some specific parts of the track.

The outro is good with nice and smooth camera angles, but it sometimes looses the car and at points there’s annoying scenery which get in the way. Rating: 8.0


Hurricane is a quite original and innovative track. Several interesting and rare sections are included, and even the scenery has a unique touch. Rating: 9.0

Fun Factor

Because of the great speeds yet very tricky parts, the track is very fun to drive once you learn to master it. However, the tricky parts will most likely annoy you a great deal at first. If you enjoy a challenge, this is something for you, but even if you prefer easier driving this track is very interesting, and you can be sure to get a fun experience once you get the hang of it. Rating: 8.5


Very good and innovative design, which makes the track very interesting. The high speeds and the various tricky stunt-sections add to the challenge, and thus to the fun. The scenery and MT is a bit flawed, though.

Final Rating: 9.0 (excellent)



– Ratings range from 1 (bad) to 10 (perfect). 5 is average.

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5 Responses to Track Review – Hurricane

  1. JumperJack says:

    and it’s absolutely an awesome track!! 😉

  2. Hastings says:

    Thank you, Jozii, for this detailed and fair review of my track. Great work! 🙂

    There are 3 points though where I have to object:

    – Outro: What do you think about it?

    – Easteregg: You neither evaluate nor mention that an Easteregg is included in the track (the hint is placed in the Outro). Dunno whether it’s worth mentioning …

    – “However, the track as such is not an entirely new idea.” What do you mean by that? Speed tracks are common, High Speed tracks are common, but an Extreme Speed track like this one is pretty new (and there’s not even one single looping in it).

  3. Jozii says:

    Oh, the outro! Sorry, I forgot mentioning it :$ I’ve added a section about it 😉

    By easteregg, do you mean the “Free Beer!” section? 😛

    And I realize the “not an entirely new idea”-sentence wasn’t completely defined. I had to try the track again to find out what I meant (!), but I honestly don’t know 😛 I removed it, and even boosted the originality score by 0.5. However, there are sections in the track that drag the originality score down, keeping it from being perfect, but they are not that important – to get a perfect originality score, you’d have to make a completely unrealistic track which would most likely score less on other points 😛

    Anyway, seeing the track is very innovative, I also raised the final score from 8.5 (very good) to 9.0 (excellent). If I would give the track a rating in words, it would be “excellent” rather than “very good”, so a 9.0 is more suitable 😉

  4. Hastings says:

    Wow, thanks a lot, Jozii. I didn’t expect such an outcome. 😀

    (Yep with the Easteregg I mean the Free Beer section. Once you enter that tent where it reads “Free Beer” in the outro, a small story develops where you hop from point to point in the map. ^^ )

  5. Jozii says:

    Haha, that’s funny 😀 😛

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